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by  Sage Monitor
March 28, 2017




Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism & Topology (Apocalypse Theater Volume 1)


Now Playing at the Apocalypse Theater

In Theater 1: Theology The Last Days: the Apocalypse: Armageddon.

The world stage has been prepared for the battle to end all battles. Good and evil have rehearsed their roles and Yahweh’s armies stand ready to crush the serpent of ungodliness underfoot.

The three great monotheistic religions square off for the final showdown.

In Theater 2: Terror Governments are on alert; Comets take aim on planet Earth. NASA scientists discover Earth-like planets; settlements on Mars are in preparation.

The moment of disclosure is at hand as UFO’s and their previously unseen alien life forms take center stage before the curtain drops on mankind.

In Theater 3: Truth and the Topological Metaphor Oxford educated authors and researchers, Drs Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D de Hart expose the history behind the panic and pandemonium; the theological terror; the underlying agenda to divide saints from sinners, darkness from light, and the accompanying geopolitical aim to turn nation against nation.

From the classified files of Farrell and de Hart = previously marked “Highly Confidential” = comes the book that could not be written until now. This timely book is a must read expose of how three historic monotheistic religions set the stage for The Apocalypse Theater.

The story behind the ancient unholy alliance between terrorism, theology and geopolitical purpose to be gained by this agenda is now unveiled.