You’re Already There — You’re Already It

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You’re Already There — You’re Already It

by Zen Gardner
June 11, 2017


Searching and seeking connotes not having, not knowing that which we’re seeking. It’s an oppositional paradigm, presupposing an initial ignorance.

We already know. We just need to remember and let it out.

Why we’re here, where we came from, and what the overall truth of our condition is has intrigued me, like many others, since childhood. It’s since driven the course of my life, looking for personal as well as societal solutions in this challenging paradigm.

In this fully structured, programmed and controlled density we’ve landed in that’s a tall order to whatever degree we’re motivated to inquire.

It’s fascinating and an incredible opportunity to exist here, despite all the obstacles, hardships and challenges. Some have called earth a living library, a visual hub of genetic and vibrational information, an experiment of sorts, a school, and sort of game even, and a place visited for eons by a plethora of intelligent life forces.

From what I’ve learned in my short life here that resonates and makes a lot of sense.

But real truth and reality transcend even events, although they do help to fill in the blanks and give sustenance to further understanding.

Knowledge and Understanding Come from the Heart, Not the Head

Modern science is in for a shock. Healing and happiness come from vibrational harmony with Source. Knowledge of the nature of our energetic self has actually been available since the earliest markings of civilization, but those markers are now way off many fold, buried in forgetfulness. Our history is extremely deep, but the truth remains the same.

We have been kept in the shallows, far from deep understanding. Historically, mentally, socially and especially psychically. You know this because that psychic awareness doesn’t ever sleep. It can be repressed, twisted, lied about and disguised, but it’s always there.

We’re Universe rediscovering itself. It’s a sort of informational feedback loop – as we experience and transmit data we resonate with Source. A very esoteric sounding concept but even “real” science and especially recent discoveries in quantum physics bear this out.

Nothing is lost, all energy recycles – as do we, in one form or another. Always know, we have choice even there, however this multiverse recycles itself. We are an integral part with a living role to play within it.

Now is simply a point of projection. We have the power to shift that at any given time and literally create our own reality.

A Perpetual Evolution – And It’s All Good!

We may not like everything we’re witnessing in the external but it’s all for good. Nothing is fully determined nor is any so-called outcome set. Just possible probables. Our free will is fully involved, but paradoxically it doesn’t matter either. It all comes out right in the wash no matter what happens because the wash is the ongoing process and contains everything within it.

The outcome already is. It’s now. Everything seeks to expand. It’s our choice what we desire to resonate with and give our energy to, be it dark or light. The collective today has temporarily made a dark choice and we’re witnessing it, but we can detach from that world and create another reality no matter how many of the entranced have glommed on to this current paradigm.

Co-creating a new reality is both the dissolution of the old and solution to the present. But it can only happen when we individually break the cycle by facing how we each individually are the manufacturers and feeders of these projected realites, seeing our own reflection in everything we see and experience. No small task, but it’s what we came to discover and remember.

It’s all way over our heads and we’ll never get to the bottom of it all. And that’s good as well. Ours is to participate and expand who we truly are into the energetic field. Doing so changes everything around us on so many levels, most of which we cannot see. Universe is rediscovering itself through us and revels in the play and discovery, and so should we.

Universe and all the worlds contained are evolving. There’s a massive continual data exchange going on. We’re all in a wondrous evolutionary mix that cannot be fully understood, but we can get a perception of what we’re participating in, enough to empower and inspire us beyond anything we’ve ever perceived. It’s our right and part of our inborn nature and knowledge, despite any limitations and fracturing into dualistic paradigms that have been imposed upon us. It’s for our learning. We need the contrast between dark and light to learn from – that’s what we came for!

Revive Your Psychic Abilities and Come Alive

Perception is everything – as is imagination, our generative force of creation. They go hand in hand as one creates the other. Emotional response and emotive desire and beliefs are in the same seeming contraposition. We create our realities accordingly. Identifying what belief systems we entertain and why is a continual education.

We see mirrors of ourselves in everything we encounter – mainly in our reactions. A conscious response is another level of understanding and vibration. The world we perceive about us is whatever we decide to coordinate with and sympathetically tune into due to our own level of perception and innate belief systems, like magnetic mercurial thought forms finding each other. The dark is nothing to fear – it simply provides contrast in which to choose.

When we realize this is fact, as even modern physicists have unwittingly stumbled upon, never mind they’re not understanding it’s significance, the nature of our true reality begins to dawn. There are worlds upon worlds of realities, as well as new realities continually brought into being. The Universe delights in this process, Those who master the nature of this ultimate reality live as the true “gods” we thought to be outside of ourselves.

We are it. And we’re already there.

Wrap your head around that and you’ll never touch another toxic word, thought, concept, news article or way of thinking again and be born into a new realm of existence beyond you’re wildest imaginations.

In truth, Zen


Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits. His book You Are the Awakening has met rave reviews and is available on You Are the Awakening examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.

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