Are You Living Behind the Eight Ball?

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Are You Living Behind the Eight Ball?

by Zen Gardner
Jun 10, 2015


It’s remarkable to me how people can live in such a determined response mode to react to whatever is set in front of them. Action-reaction is as basic a principle as there is, yet humanity lives behind the eight ball as if it knows what’s going on by observing what happened after the fact. All the while getting bounced around the table of life like expendable toys in some masochistic game of “throngs”.

Incredible, and hauntingly dystopian.
The worldly media minions are gleefully awash in this phenomenon and feed on it like confident parañas watching their prey drop from the psychologically shell shocked water’s surface into their murky domain of predatory consumption.

The news? What news? Who’s kidding who. Its dutifully spewed results and ensuing manifestations are conquering testaments to massive social and geopolitical engineering schemes the waiting hoards lap up in concert as if in an animated geomantic symphony. A maddening frenzy of feeders and reactors empowering the very thing their hearts despise.

Sway Programming
Humanity is bombarded with foreshadowings of what the powers that shouldn’t be think is their conquering ace up their occult sleeves. Message laden symbols, false flag terror events, societal degradation, environmental toxins, economic slavery, fatalist religious teachings and mind manipulation have been unleashed on unsuspecting populations to keep them on the defensive and in a continual react mode with no time to even catch their breath never mind realize what this is all stemming from.
Often disguised as harmless animations or science fiction projections into a helpless future of a world under attack, our subconscious has been emblazoned with future scenarios depicting extinction level events from global warming, global freezing, asteroids, pandemics and alien invasions, and the message is the same. Sway, people, sway…come what may.  They want us to think our condition is just a causal effect from outside influences and we should just “go with the flow.”
Whether people realize it or not it is nothing more than fear and survival programming, taking us down to our basest level where our true power to fully manifest as the boundless beings we are with the fundamental rights to freedom, abundance and boundless creativity are thereby hidden from us, thus bringing on a forced acquiescence to their schemes.
Get Out from Behind and Move to the Front
Although just one level of manipulation, the cause-effect nature of so called news today without looking at the inherent driving impetus behind it is a good example of this very clever mechanism to keep humanity on its heels. According to their meme, we can only react, never investigate or initiate a response. The populace of the world is treated like a herd a cattle who need only know their next meal is in the feed bin and what they need to be informed about will be told to them.
It’s assumptive positioning of the worst sort, and people need to wake up to this fact. Humanity has become a target, a focal point for quick-footed manipulators with quite nefarious designs. It’s of tantamount importance that people realize this. Until we snap out of that imposed mindset we’ll never see the light of day.
It’s time to see reality for what it is. Face up to our condition and reverse the flow.
This simple illustration should shed some light on our circumstance. What we see and hear needs to be approached extremely intelligently and consciously. Not just reacted to. We’re in a very controlled socio-political environment. Correctly processing what we appear to be fed is of absolute importance.
Even more important is our spiritual stance and condition – staying awake and aware in every way possible against this onslaught of disinformation based on very clever presumptions of authority.
What we’re witnessing is an elaborately fabricated lie. The truth of which stands in the fact that they cannot stand investigation. Truth needs no justification, and invites scrutiny. Not so in the world we now inhabit. This simple test brings everything to light.
Stay lit, stay strong, stay empowered and stay encouraged.
Their false creation is even now crumbling, but it will not go down without exposing its violence and absolute perfidy for all to see. It won’t be pretty, but Truth will prevail. That I know.
Be well, be happy and be who you truly are.
And take your stand. The time is now.
Love always,


Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits. His book You Are the Awakening has met rave reviews and is available on You Are the Awakening examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.

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