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We cannot forward your notes or facilitate personal contact with any author or speaker highlighted at this site. We also are unable to offer medical or legal advice.

For medical or legal advice you might find the help you need by contacting one of the following groups.

Global Frontline Nurses

World Doctors Alliance

America’s Frontline Doctors

Health Freedom Defense Fund


Legal Resources — United States

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and The Corona Investigative Committee
Main website for Corona Investigative Committee:
Corona Investigative Committee at Telegram:
Share anonymous information with the Corona Investigative Committee:

John J. Singleton (Florida)

New Mexico Stands Up

Ohio Stands Up

Renz Law (Ohio)

We the People — Restore Freedoms (Michigan)

Legal Resources — Canada

Constitutional Rights Centre

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

For additional information related to understanding and navigating the covid crisis:

To find experts on germ theory, vaccines, healing methods, etc. see our list of articles on Viruses, Vaccines & History of Modern Medicine or on COVID-19 Vaccines, PCR Tests & Masks.

To find information about ongoing lawsuits and legal action see our list of articles on The “Pandemic” & the Great Reset.


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