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The views and opinions expressed in articles posted on this site are those of the authors and video creators,
and do not necessarily reflect the views of Truth Comes to Light.
Everything posted on this site is done in the spirit of conversation. 
Please do your own research, question everything and trust yourself when reading and when giving
consideration to anything that appears here or anywhere else.


Nutritional & Healing Advice:

For nutritional, health and healing advice, naturopath Rosanne Lindsay, whose articles are often shared at this site, is available for consultation through Turtle Island Network. Link here to find more information about Rosanne Lindsay’s services and how to contact her.


Medical, Health or Legal Resources:

Find resources for medical, health or legal advice here.


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To contact an author or video creator featured at this site, find contact information by clicking on links in the byline or directly beneath the specific article. 


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On Advertising, “Collaborative” Links & Made-to-Order Article Writers:

No, we do not accept advertising nor do we respond to promotions by those looking to market their writing services.


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