Free Palestine, Free Israel, Free Us All

Free Palestine, Free Israel, Free Us All

by Kathleen Stilwell, editor at Truth Comes to Light
October 25, 2023


Yesterday I published an article titled “The Gaza Rebellion” by Richard Hugus. His closing sentence is the simple statement: “Free Palestine!”.

Last night and this morning, I received a number of emails from highly intelligent, aware readers who expressed disappointment that I would publish something where someone had taken a “side” in the Israeli/Palestinian situation.

A few told me they thought the article was hate speech. Others told me I was stuck in duality. Some, standing with Israel, sent Bible quotes and predictions from prophets. Others were dismayed that the article didn’t point out that both sides of the conflict are being played.

As I read their words, I could see why some of them challenged the publishing of this article at Truth Comes to Light. I appreciate and respect that they took the time out to let me know how they perceived the article.

From Richard’s previous writing, it’s clear that he understands the globalist agenda — that the globalist puppetmasters are manipulating the entire situation, not just with Israel and Palestine but throughout the world. As reference, see some of Richard’s work here, here, here, here and here.  (I’ve since gone back and added a “see related” section under the “The Gaza Rebellion” article so that readers can easily find his other work.)

For those new to Richard’s work, this awareness admittedly wasn’t shared in that recent article. To get a context for where Richard is coming from, see his other works related to Palestine at his website.

I don’t know Richard personally. My perceptions of his point of view come from his writing. And it’s likely that Richard will disagree with some of the things I will say in this essay.

As I read Richard’s article, I perceived something different than that of some readers. I saw that he was standing for the Palestinian people. And that he was addressing the issue of Zionism.

I did not sense that Richard was defending Hamas. Whatever Hamas is, it is likely the tool of that mess of controllers that includes agents of assorted nation states who are puppets to heaven knows what. No doubt Hamas is also supported by Palestinians who don’t see that they are being manipulated. And if Hamas is controlled by forces that control the U.S. and Israel (which it does appear to be) then the Palestinians are being set up to be wiped off the map.

When I read Richard’s article, I saw that he was taking a stand by defending the Palestinian rebellion. He was defending the right of any people to fight back when outsiders try to push them out of their home. And he was saying that there is no question that the powerful nation state of Israel with its globalist connections easily overpowers Palestine in terms of military might.

I saw that Richard was identifying specific individuals (and their philosophies or chosen ideologies) who have committed great crimes against humanity as well as their own people. This evil must be acknowledged for what it is.

We’ve seen it happen again and again throughout history, as one group overpowers another to claim their land, their natural resources, their money or possessions, or even to claim the conquered as slaves.

On Hate Speech and Israel’s Place in the Matrix

The “hate speech” label surprised me. This site has published many articles challenging the evils of those who claim to represent the people of the United States or other nations. Never once have I had a reader of the site say any of those articles were hate speech. Perhaps because most already see clearly what a monster the governing powers of the United States have become. But with Israel, as the saying goes, that’s apparently a horse of a different color.

The Jewish people and the state of Israel are not one and the same. The people who live on the soil controlled by the U.S. are not the same as the U.S. government. Heaven forbid.

But we mere mortals were born into a very confusing Matrix that is presently held hostage by a collection of nation states whose leadership is all controlled by something outside of themselves. Whoever/whatever that something is, we do know that it has an appetite to control others and has no concern for the suffering it imposes on any living entity.

Israel represents many things to many people. And religious beliefs are a key here. Our beliefs about “God”, God’s will, prophecy, and our personal need to be right about what we believe is tangled into this mess of who we humans are. And then there are the anti-God groups that turn themselves into gods as they influence others to follow their lead.

Within Jewish history is the dark  Sabbatean/Frankism/Illuminati/Rothschild “conspiracy” that has influenced so many globally. See here.

From my perception, these are the things Richard was pointing to. And it seems essential that we all look at what is going on here.

The March of the Parasites: When the Whisperers Outside Your Castle Suddenly Storm the Gates

This Israel/ Palestine conflict is deeply part of this same narrative playing out all over the world. It’s entangled in the web of divide and conquer, problem-reaction-solution, false flags to confuse the enemy, etc.

In a sense, this global “totalitarian tiptoe” (a term coined by David Icke) does us a favor. It forces us to step off the hamster wheel. It forces to grow a backbone if we haven’t yet done so. It forces us to drop the need to be obedient, to be chosen, to be perceived by others as “a good one”.

This March of the Parasites forces us to clean up our act. It forces us to stop looking for saviors or leaders to cling to or to tell us what to do. It forces us to know our own strength, to fear not and to say “NO” again and again. It forces us to stand alone and to stop worrying about how we are being judged by the world or by belittling gods.

It forces us to know morality from within our own conscience, our inner guidance system. It forces us to live in as much integrity as we can muster and to know that, should we choose the easy way out and opt to betray ourselves, that we will be facing far worse things than death.

It also forces us to see that the real work is with our self. In fact, stalking oneself and changing oneself is the key. Whatever deceit we see “out there”, we must look within ourselves to see what untruths control us or come out of our own mouths. Whatever manipulation we see out there or experience in our own lives, we must look closely to see how we attempt to manipulate others. And so on.

This force of darkness demands that we choose. Instead of being people of the lie, we must choose to become people of the truth.

Our Collective History: The Trauma of It All (And the Beauty of It All)

In a way, we are all Palestinians and we are all Israelis. Certainly, we are all among the manipulated. We were all born into “citizenship” and are owned in some way. We are all slaves. (To prove this to yourself, just try leaving your country without a passport or stop paying “voluntary” taxes.) And we are all doing our best to unshackle ourselves from lies, as well as heal from individual and ancestral wounds.

We are all tied to unknown generations of humans who influence our experience here. We don’t know the real history of humanity, as even these stories about our past are controlled by the “masters” and littered with lies. And we certainly don’t know how we, as individuals, were born into a certain family, a certain race of people, at a certain time.

In the same way that patriots in the U.S. have been used in such horrific ways (their sense of honor hijacked along with their innate willingness to sacrifice their own safety for the ones they love) so have Israeli patriots and all who blindly follow their statist or religious leaders.

We have all been lied to since birth and have all been turned into liars on some level. Of course, we didn’t necessarily know we were lying — although we probably had our suspicions. Yet that shows us just how deep the spell is.

We’ve been taught to say things, to believe things, that, on a soul level, rub us the wrong way. We’ve been taught that obedience is equal to goodness. And goodness is very important to us because being “good”, or so we’ve been told, is our doorway to love and acceptance.

Collectively, we have obeyed our way into quite a pickle it seems.

What About Duality?

From my limited perspective, it seems we are living in a complex, multi-layered reality. This does not appear to be a “duality” as many say. This is a multi-faceted reality that includes this monster-faced Matrix trap wherein all nation states dwell. This so-called “real world” Matrix is, in reality, a house of cards just asking for us to knock it down.

So, what does that mean to “knock it down”? More wars? Of course not. Yet it will require taking a stand against evil actions. And it might require self-defense and defense of others.

Shifts in consciousness and awareness do change the world. It’s all about thought, vibration, frequency. And, outside of our own awareness, there is more going on than we know. Personally, I always expect miracles.

The Answers Are Out There if We Will Let Them In

(It may seem that I’m taking the long way around the barn here to make a point. And I probably am. So, thank you for bearing with me.)

However we look at things, here we are. Wherever “here” is.

Together we are experiencing “this moment” in “this day” in “this time in history”,  all the while knowing that time is an illusion. And as we look about and observe the assorted levels of perception, of consciousness, within the human race, it is truly mind-boggling.

For whatever reason, some are born seeing primarily from the physical senses. When they begin to acknowledge their spiritual sight, it is an awakening for them. They feel a sense of two realities, two worlds. Duality. (Although that term “duality” means many things to many people.)

Some don’t appear to ever sense beyond what their physical senses give them feedback on. My guess would be that they’ve learned to lie to themselves quite convincingly and to shut down other awareness. Shutting down the awareness of children is a time-honored practice of many humans.

Others among us are born vitally aware of their “spiritual” existence. They don’t see the dividing line and, therefore, all is “spiritual” for lack of a better word. Certainly physics bears this out. There is nothing solid or permanent here. In a sense, we have anchored ourselves into a heavy-duty illusion – an illusion that challenges us to our core. Perhaps that challenge is here by design. If not, we might as well make the best of it.

Some see the denser “realm” as an inferior one when, in truth, there is no division between worlds. The challenge it seems is to live fully in all levels of reality.

For some of us, we know that we don’t know much. Yet we are at ease in that non-knowing state. Our awareness leads us to trust life.

When we get caught up in the Matrix, we untangle ourselves. We find the cracks in the Matrix and move with awareness as best we can. However, this doesn’t mean we are above it all. Quite the contrary, we learn from everything as we question everything.

And, of course, our children and grandchildren are here, our loved ones and neighbors are here. The perceptions of others and the actions of others do touch our awareness. And as a matter of care, it’s important to us to help others in whatever way we can, as we learn to help ourselves.

Concluding My Walk Around the Cosmic Barn

Some say we are here for a reason. I imagine that reason is entirely up to us to decide. And what we choose to stand for matters.

Getting back to Richard’s article, it is clear he is taking a stand. And from what I can see, he is taking that stand based on genuine care and awareness. I respect that.

A few things I do know about this life — because I just know. I know that the source of this life (God) is the essence of wonder, creativity and adventure. I know that we were born from real love, care, freedom, truth and all the ideas that lift our hearts and minds. I know that you and I are miracles even though we are mostly blind to the whole picture. And I know that if we ask, we are shown the way.

As insanely imperfect as this life is, it is nonetheless perfectly imperfect. We will be guided. We will be wiser. And, doing our best, we will live on.


© October 2023, Kathleen Stilwell
This article may be freely shared as long as the text is unaltered and the original author, Kathleen Stilwell, is clearly identified with a hyperlink back to the original article.

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