A Beginner’s Guide to Syria, With Vanessa Beeley

A Beginner’s Guide to Syria, With Vanessa Beeley

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare, with Vanessa Beeley
originally published April 4, 2023


In the following conversation about Syria, Vanessa Beeley dropped so many truth bombs that Joe Biden thought that Olympus Has Fallen is a documentary.

Vanessa lives in Syria’s capital, Damascus, and is one of the few journalists who actually knows what’s going on and experiences, you know, reality rather than Western propaganda via the likes of CNN and The New York Times.

For a conversation surrounding Syria and navigating the fog of information war, I strongly recommend listening to my conversation with Piers Robinson in which he touched on talking points including:

  • false narratives published by media across the Western world,
  • the role of propaganda to shape public perception, and
  • the “chemical weapons” hoax.

Vanessa’s discussion with me is more raw and closer to Syrian reality on the ground, acting as a brilliant beginner’s guide of sorts, including:

  • some history leading up to the current war,
  • the geopolitical complexities around Syria,
  • Western central intelligence agencies’ creation and funding of terrorist groups,
  • daily life and struggles in Damascus under severe sanctions,
  • allies of Syria and why the Deep State is panicking, and
  • why Bashar al-Assad will never bow to Washington.

Her lights went out midway. Thankfully, she had a LED light on hand.


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