Atilis Gym in New Jersey: On Their Stand Against Government Tyranny — Full Interview from Planet Lockdown Documentary

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Atilis Gym in New Jersey: On Their Stand Against Government Tyranny — Full Interview from Planet Lockdown Documentary


“We’ve been fined $15,497.76 per day for every day that we’ve been in operation. That was originally started for being open when we were told not to. And now it is currently being levied against us because we won’t mandate masks.
We’ve had our doors illegally locked. We’ve had our doors boarded up. We had to camp outside the facility for 40 days. We’ve been arrested in the middle of the night. You name it, we’ve kind of been through it.
We got our business license taken as well. And right now we have seven new criminal citations, which are criminal contempt of court in the fourth degree…
They came out here with the local PD. They came out here with the county sheriffs and the county prosecutor’s office as well. We were arrested by the county sheriffs…
So what they wanted to do was lock our doors again. They had already done that once and we vow that they never would do it again. So what we did is, we took the doors off the hinges and we kept the gym open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — just sort of running it like that. Because if there’s no doors then you can’t lock them.
So after a while they came and arrested us and removed us from the building so that they could build a barricade. They built a barricade and they put plywood up on doors, right here behind us, and couple days later we called the media and told them that there would be a show today and we kicked the doors in…
People talk about having courage to stand up in the face of the government tyranny. For us it was, we didn’t have courage to start. It was something that was born from necessity. And something that we thought was our moral obligation to stand up because what was happening to — not only us but the people that we love and people that we don’t even know but know are good, honest, hardworking Americans — was intolerable…
For us, it was necessity. We stood up because we had to. The courage came afterwards when we realized how important of a fight it truly was, and how far these people would go to keep us shut down, keep us afraid, keep us dependent upon them. To us everything is at stake…
The hardest thing to realize and I think for a lot of people to come to terms with is that these people are not your friends. They do not have your best interests in mind. So it’s not a matter of people being elected who are just making mistakes and putting forth bad policy but have a good heart. The people in power right now are intentionally doing these things. They’re intentionally lying to you. They’re intentionally scaring you with the aim to make you dependent upon them…
When you come to terms with that, fighting and fighting back, and standing up for what you believe and becomes a lot easier because you realize this isn’t a mistake and that the only person that’s going to come to save you is you.
There will be no president elected that’s going to bail you out. Nobody is going to change this except individuals.” 
~ Ian Smith, Atilis Gym co-owner


Atilis Gym New Jersey | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown 

by Planet Lockdown
June 30, 2021

Video available at Planet Lockdown Rumble, Odysee and BitChute channels.

Two hard working men from New Jersey, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, saved up, bought a failing gym and turned it around into a success. They enjoyed 9 months of business until they were told to shut down due to Covid-19. After two months and no coherent plan from the government, they formulated their own safety protocol and opened up. This interview with them tells their story of fortitude, courage and fighting for the American Dream.

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