Autism Is MONSTROUS BRAIN DAMAGE. Brought to You by Your Terminally Corrupt Federal Government

Autism Is MONSTROUS BRAIN DAMAGE. Brought to You by Your Terminally Corrupt Federal Government

by Jon Rappoport
July 7, 2023


At Age of Autism, there is a riveting piece about the government cover-up and the forced collusion with Pharma, entitled “Sharyl Attkisson, Friend of Ours.” Read it.

Let’s start here. There is no defining physical diagnostic test for autism. No blood test, no urine test, no hair test, no genetic assay, no brain scan.


That’s right.

And you can throw out the official definition of autism. That menu of behaviors and attitudes is arbitrary—complied by a committee of psychiatrists.

But a doctor’s eyeball diagnosis of autism is very valuable. To government and Pharma.


When a mother comes before the mandatory federal vaccine court to win $$ compensation for her destroyed child, the court can (and will) say:

“We see your doctor diagnosed your son with autism. But there is no proof vaccines cause autism. Compensation denied.”

The mother was really telling the court (but she couldn’t say it), “My child had a vaccine and checked out of the world. It’s VACCINE DAMAGE.”

Of course, that wouldn’t fly, either. Why should it? It’s the TRUTH. And truth doesn’t win.

This is the word game the government plays. It’s a predatory game.

How does the government “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism? Easy. Researchers say: “We have identified children with autism who have never had vaccines.”

What is the government really saying? “We’ve identified children with brain damage caused by factors other than vaccines.”

Of course there are such children. But so what?

So the government wins. With that completely absurd assertion.

Cutting through all this wordplay and mumbo-jumbo—push the label “autism” to one side and speak the facts: The child had a vaccine and it DAMAGED HIS BRAIN.

But again, that won’t work. In court.

It’s too obvious, too clear-cut, too simple, too true.

The court’s rule is: A parent seeking compensation for injury to her child, caused by a vaccine, MUST have a diagnosis of an official disorder or a disease from a doctor.

The most frequent diagnosis is autism—and then, bang, “There is no proof vaccines cause autism.”

That’s how it works.

That’s how scum of the earth play it.


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