Brandy Vaughan Died Eleven Days Ago, and the Silence Is Deafening

Brandy Vaughan Died Eleven Days Ago, and the Silence Is Deafening

by Gary D. Barnett,
December 17, 2020


Brandy Vaughan founded a non-profit organization called “Learn the Risk” in 2015 in order to expose the great risk of vaccination. She became one of the premier spokesmen against dangerous vaccines, and compromised her very life to do so. She worked for Merck, an evil pharmaceutical company, but resigned in 2003 due to the horrible consequences and death that was due to a Merck drug called Vioxx. She could not stomach the fact that this company had full knowledge of the danger of this drug, and the deaths that it caused, but sold it anyway for huge profit.

Her desire was to attempt to create a healthier world by becoming an advocate against harmful pharmaceutical drugs and poisonous vaccines. Her mission began due to a mandatory vaccination law in her home state of California.

Due to her courage, she wanted to spread truth to help others, but she became a target of the pharmaceutical industry, and therefore the state. Her house was broken into on multiple occasions, and this was made obvious so as to relay to her that she was being threatened. These were no normal break ins according to private investigation, and were done by professionals with much information and skill.

She knew her life was in mortal danger, and in December of 2019, she made a public statement indicating that she was in perfect health, was taking no drugs or medication of any kind, lived for her young son, and would never under any circumstances commit suicide. A few days before her death, she was visiting close friends, laughing, having great dinners, and playing games into the night. In addition, she stated that if anything happened to her, it would indicate foul play. She was only 47 years old, and extremely healthy according to her own assessment and that of her friends, so her death should be heavily scrutinized.

It is very disturbing to me that after eleven days since her death, nothing definitive has been announced, and a so-called investigation was not considered until this past Monday, just three days ago. This is with the knowledge that she had been threatened, her house broken into several times, and was certain she was a target by evil forces. One unfounded report attempted to claim without one shred of evidence that she had a bladder condition. This is interesting given that she had recently stated that she was in perfect health.

It is my deepest suspicion that Brandy was murdered. Her enemies were in the pharmaceutical business and the government that protected these companies, and allowed them to profit at the expense of American citizens by exempting them from liability. She was a problem for them because she was honest and well spoken in her attempts to expose murderous corruption. In addition, she was gaining a larger audience, and understood the inner workings of these heinous companies.

This has cover-up written all over it. A late investigation was only begun due to pressure, with the stated comment that nothing could be done for 4 to 6 weeks due to waiting for toxicology screening. I firmly believe that the hope of all those involved in this investigation and probable coverup is that this will be forgotten by then, and can be swept under the rug. If and when a cause of death is announced by the state, it should be totally disregarded unless it can be verified by multiple trusted outside sources. But that would not be allowed, so who is going to come forward with vital information to expose this travesty meant to hide the murder of this young vibrant woman who wanted only to raise her son and alert others to the dangers of the evil among us?

We should never forget, and not let this go forward until we know the absolute truth.

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