Call to European Employees: Join the Action to Stop J&J (Janssen) Vaccine in EU Court

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Call to European Employees: Join the Action to Stop J&J (Janssen) Vaccine in EU Court

by Children’s Health Defense Europe
July 25, 2021


Who can intervene? All Europeans who are pressured by their employer to take a vaccine: Health workers, employees of transport companies, tourism industry, teachers, food industry, artists etc.

Deadline: August 30th

Action: join legal action as intervenors to annul EU conditional marketing authorization  of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccines.

No Costs: no financial costs to apply, no financial risks. The plaintiffs are Italian health workers for whom Mrs. Holzeisen has filed the case. Intervenors have a different status and will not ‘amplify’ the case.

How to join: Intervenors need to send their ID, proof of registration in their profession  to the lawyer who will fill in the form provided by Mrs Holzeisen and lodge their application.  (see article for more details)

Some of the principal arguments for this action:

  1. The Covid ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines but experimental products consisting of gene therapies
  2. Pressure to ‘vaccinate’ based on the ‘protection from the infection or transmission’ cannot apply since the ‘vaccines’ have not received any authorisation on this basis and manufacturers have not provided data to do this claim.
  3. Experimental Products can only receive an emergency conditional authorisation if there are no other treatments with available drugs. Covid can be treated with several drugs that have demonstrated a long safety profile (Ivermectin, antibiotics etc.)
  4. The PCR tests used to invoke an emergency situation of a pandemic are not reliable.

You can read the full text of the legal action here and watch the interview with Mrs. Holzeisen here

Message from Mrs. Renate Holzeisen :

“Dear all,

Attached you find the action for annulment regarding pending with T-267/21 before the European General Court and regarding the deliberation of conditional authorization given by the European Commission for the Covid-19-vaccine Janssen of Johnson & Johnson.

The action for annulment was published on 5 July on the Official European Journal and therefore the 6 weeks-term to intervene on behalf of the applicants is running.

I kindly ask therefore all EU lawyers to intervene with their clients (healthworkers, pilots, teachers and every category of citizens already or nearly threatened by mandatory Covid-19-vaccination).

Please, consider that the application to intervene has to be made in German language as the proceeding is pending in German language. Therefore I prepared the text for you.

Kind regards,

Renate Holzeisen”

Background: Four actions brought by Italian lawyer Mrs Renate Holzeisen to defend the rights of health workers in northern Italy are growing into a pan-European push-back against the genetic engineering of the population by Big Pharma.

Italian health workers sought help from Mrs Holzeisen after their government told them to accept experimental Covid candidate-vaccines or give up their jobsMrs Holzeisen is challenging the licenses granted by the European Commission in its Implementing Decision of 21 December 2020 for use of these products within the EU.

The Decision authorises products from four companies: Pfizer/BioNTech (branded as Comirnaty), Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). Citing numerous experts, she argues that the four candidate-vaccines are dangerous, ineffective, and should not even be considered vaccines, relying as they do on a highly experimental technology known as ‘gene therapy’. Mrs Holzeisen asks the General Court of the European Union to annul the Commission’s Decision to release these ‘genetherapeutic agents’ and thus relieve the pressure on health workers.

Now citizens from across the EU, in an effort to assert their right to bodily integrity, have joined the action in their hundreds. According to the Secretary of the General Court, an application of this kind would usually include a handful of intervenors—intervention on the scale of Holzeisen’s four actions is unknown to the institution. The Italian lawyer has created historic opportunity for citizens from across Europe to come together and challenge the influence of Big Pharma.

According to Mrs Holzeisen, any European worker under pressure to accept a Covid vaccine from his employer, the State or any other entity, especially to the point of experiencing duress, is affected by the Commission’s Decision to allow the genetic engineering of the population, and has an interest in any of the four annulment actions.

Concerned citizens can ask a European lawyer registered with the General Court to lodge an application to intervene under article 142 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Court.

If the application is successful, the General Court will admit the applicant as an intervenor, which will allow them to support the action and attend any oral hearing.

They must lodge the application in German—the language of the action—within 6 weeks of the action’s publication in the Official Journal of the European UnionMrs Holzeisen has prepared a draft application in German  but all documents are also available in several languages.   Would-be intervenors should complete the form and enclose proof of their professional capacity with a national lawyer who will review the documents and then apply on their behalf at the EU court. Lawyers can ask for a temporary registration at the European bar in which case they will have 48h access to file the documents.

The applications for intervention in the Comirnaty, Moderna and Astra Zeneca have already been lodged  by Mrs. Holzeisen and several hundreds intervenors. (deadline is over)

Intervenors and lawyers in need of further assistance can contact Mrs Holzeisen’s office by email.


Contact Renate Holseizen by email (click here).

AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD (click on the chosen language to download the PDF):

Model of the Application Form for Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) in ENGLISH / GERMAN / FRENCH / ITALIAN / GREEK

Action of Annulments for the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) Vaccine:


Intervenor’s Form to be completed and sent back to Renate Holzeisen or the lawyer in charge in your language:


Official Journal of the European Union:



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