Dr. Heiko Schöning & COVID-19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee w/ World Doctors Alliance | Hearing in Berlin, Germany — October 10, 2020

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Dr. Heiko Schöning w/ World Doctors Alliance: COVID-19 Extra Parliamentary Inquiry Committee Hearing in Berlin, Germany — October 10, 2020

by ACU2020, acu2020.org
October 14, 2020


The first Hearing of the World Doctors Alliance, hosted by Heiko Schöning
in Berlin, Germany on 10th October 2020.


Original video available at ACU2020 YouTube channel and acu2020.org

[As a service to protect truth from censorship, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light BitChute, Lbry, Odysee & Brighteon channels. All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video.]


Speakers in order of appearance are:

Managing Director at MedCooling GmbH

Immunologist & Molecular Biologist

Medical Doctor, Author & Political Reformist

Holistic Dentist & General Secretary for the WDA

General Practitioner & Founder of Doctors for Truth

Oncologist, Hemotologist, Palliative Care Physician and Politician

Consultant General Surgeon & Chairman of the WDA

Filmed in 4K by Oracle Films https://oraclefilms.com


Excerpts from Transcript:



“Well, we see as well in Germany that there is no hard evidence for a medical pandemic and this is a good message for the people, sure, But the bad message is that the civil rights are restricted.”



“We see now that probably there will be thousands more deaths in Ireland just from cancer and cardiovascular disease alone. So in public health, if you are implementing a policy that is more harm than good, this should be stopped. And we, as scientists and doctors, are saying the lockdown is causing more harm than good. If the politicians, the regulators and the people that are writing these guidelines had the interests of the people of their country at heart they would stop the lockdown, stop social distancing and masks, and all quarantining  — and bring our country back to a better normal.”



“My name is Mikael Nordfors. I’m a Swedish medical doctor and Sweden had lots of international attention because we are the exception. We are the paradise country now in the world. So nobody is wearing a mask in Sweden and we are still there on the planet.

And I think that it was supposed to be a disaster in Sweden. It was designed that one country should not do the lockdown so much as the other countries. And when they discovered that we didn’t die in Sweden they invented… so then, I guess, something between a thousand and two thousand people were killed by doctors in Sweden. So many doctors declared patients with COVID-19 (so-called COVID-19) palliative patients — and stopped giving them food, stopped giving them water and give them midazolam and morphine. That’s the medications that decrease the depressed breathing function. So they they literally were killing people in the old people’s homes.

And one friend of me, we made some videos about that. His name is Jon Tallinger. He went out with this internationally. Which is… and I started an organization, partly because of this, called People’s Court. And we encourage everyone to report all these cases as murder cases to the police because… And I actually told the Swedish population, we shouldn’t pay taxes anymore because then we are actually helping murderers. We are being accountable to assisting in murder by paying taxes in Sweden right now. And I think that’s not ethical. So I want everybody to stand up against this medical tyranny.

But anyway, I’m happy that Sweden is much nicer country than all other countries right now. And it’s very strange for us to come to Germany and Denmark and see all this masked theater. You go into a restaurant and put the mask on for 10 seconds — you can hold your breath going through the restaurants — and then take it off when you sit at the table. This is ridiculous, in my opinion.”



“…We are also starting a lawsuit to the state of the Netherlands to bring this in with a large group of doctors and a really large group of nurses also. –because we have contact with 87,000 nurses that do not want the vaccine that is being prepared for us,

They are not willing to be the guinea pig, the rabbits, we say in Dutch, I want to state, if there is no pandemic, I am wondering why our kids are in schools with masks. They now — the last two three weeks — they have been not mandating, but they have been trying to mandate those masks. So we are also at that with lawyers.

…So, our children, we have to protect them. And we really have to stand there with all the parents.

The panic is created by these false positive PCR tests — 89 percent until 94 percent of those PCR tests are false positive. They don’t test for the COVID-19.

We have in the Netherlands now the regular press publishing the news that the PCR test is not a correct test, so I’m very happy about.”



“…There is no pandemic whatsoever. Neither on the world, neither global, nor in Germany. This is just a hoax which is imposed on the people to suppress them, to take them their liberty.

… Many, many deaths that have been caused by the measures that have been imposed on us under the flag of fighting a virus that has not even been described fully,,,

…which signifies the scandal that this government imposes measures to leading to slavery without even knowing on what basis they do it.”



“…The lockdown, face masking, and the social distancing has threatened millions of lives across the globe — with devastating effect on the economy, on the education, on the health, on the agriculture industry, on employment… which has resulted into grief, depression, isolation and, on top of that many social and family ties have been broken. A lot of people have suicided and there’s a unrecordable death sentence as a result of the orchestrated coronavirus pandemic.

…I would strongly urge to the whole profession across the world to come out with the truth because you guys have given an oath on the medical ethics — which clearly says do no harm to the patient.”



“I will add in a last question because we see a lot of financial incentives given to medical professionals all over the world…

Like from the United States, we heard that $19,000 were given to their intense care and emergency units if they choose that a patient is a coronavirus patient. And this amount of money is added to $39,000 if this patient is going to a ventilator…

We have a lot of other incentives. Like in Germany, there is be 15 given per one single swab in the nasal area — done, not by the medical doctor, by her/his staff, his nurse…

So it ends up if you’re in Germany… if you are a center for COVID-19 and in a private doctor’s office you have around 12 000 per month, plus.

This is a great financial incentive but it’s not adding to the truth.

So I would like to ask have we some other medical incentives here in Europe?”



“In the Netherlands, there was a big problem to continue regular care by medical doctors and general practitioners so (and also in Belgium). So the government paid 170,000,000 to all the general practitioners…

…You can see this as a way to keep those medical doctors that are in the center and the heart of our care — they will not speak out because they have been given money.

…there was asked to me to mark the patient when he would die as a COVID-19 patient even without a positive test.”



“There’s another part of this financial side and that is, if you stand up against the orders, you lose your work, and you lose your income, and you cannot support yourself. And that’s why I started this organization, People’s Court, because we want to help everybody to stand up, to find new work, to support their lawyer costs, and to make it easier to stand up against this tyranny — because I think most doctors would like to stand up but they don’t dare to stand up because they will lose their work, they will get scandalized in media and, and they will be declared crazy, etc.

And we have to change this. Because this is the same strategy as you use with a donkey. You have a carrot and a whip. And they are governing us with the carrot and the whip. And, in our case, it is greed on one side and fear on the other side.

And we have to stand up together against this fear and support each other so we can dare to go to the right side.

And that’s my whole mission — if you’re going to win this war on humanity, which it is really. This is an old war. It has been going on for thousands of years…



“…In Ireland, as well the GPs, that even if they refer their people on their patient list they get 30 per patient, for people that they refer for a PCR test. So there is a lot of income that the doctors are getting.

We know all of us here have been challenged, so that what they are not doing is having open debate. And even when we give informational meetings on YouTube, the debates are censored and removed.

…And why are YouTube and Facebook censoring all of us and taking our media out,taking our ability to communicate to people? And why are our employers in the government and in the university trying to remove our income? And why are the newspapers, the BBC and RTE, and all over the world, damaging our reputation, when what we’re saying —  we are putting our careers and our reputations and our future earning capacity and the wellness of our families on the line — so that ordinary citizens and people of the world will be aware that there is no pandemic.

…We have beautiful bodies that we can nourish. We have immune systems that will keep us healthy. There are safe and effective treatments.

So what we are saying to the world is, you need to challenge the politicians, the media, the employers, the medical organizations, the universities, these government advisory science councils, and the civil servants — that they are implementing policies that are causing maybe 20, 30, 40 times more harm than good. They are killing 20, 30, 40 times more people than they are saving. And they are doing this under the guise of caring for people.

And what we are trying to do today is to expose the lies. We are saying the truth: coronavirus has the same death as a normal influenza. It could be less if the truth information will come out. There is prevention and treatment.

And we are doctors standing for freedom and truth today. We are putting our careers and our reputations on the line because we love our patients, we love our families and we love our countries. And we want to see the truth will win out in the end.”

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