Dr. Jennifer Daniels on Belief in “The Plague” and Belief in “The Vaccine”

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Dr. Jennifer Daniels on Belief in “The Plague” and Belief in “The Vaccine”


The video clip below is an excerpt from a much longer conversation between Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network, and Dr. Jennifer Daniels. Topics discussed in the full video include stretching exercise, nutritional advice and questions and answers from viewers.  The full interview can be found HERE.

In this clip, Dr. Daniels shares her views on what “covid” actually is, why anti-parasitics such as Ivermectin work as “cures”, herd immunity, the “variants”, flu shots and the choice to believe in the virus and the vaccines.

Excerpts from transcript:

In response to a question about using Ivermectin for “covid”.

“Let’s get back to what covid is….What we have here is the common cold, which simply is the body attempting to dump a bunch of parasites and crap. So, of course, any anti-parasitic will work…But what’s really happening here is they have perpetrated an amazing hoax and convinced people that the common cold is the plague and it’s pretense for more government control.”


More from her views on “covid”:

“The death rate associated with…”the situation” (I call it the situation) is no greater than the population-wide death rate or even less… Approximately 1% of Americans die every year. That’s it. One percent drop dead. If you get “the plague”, what percent drop dead? About 1/2 percent.”


“The people who believe in the vaccine — who want to take and believe everyone else should take it — they don’t believe in the vaccine. If they really believed in the vaccine they would understand that it doesn’t matter if anyone else takes it. What they really believe is obedience, government control and control of other people. So we understand what the real religion is here then we can unmask that and talk about that.”



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