Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview About the International Lawsuits: “It’s Quite Clear That This Is Like World War III, and Probably Worse”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview About the International Lawsuits: “It’s Quite Clear That This Is Like World War III, and Probably Worse”
Reiner Fuellmich : “cette pandémie a été mise en scène” [VOSTFR]
Translation — Reiner Fuellmich: “This Pandemic Has Been Ataged” [VOSTFR]

by FranceSoir
December 21, 2020


Debriefing in partnership with BonSens.org

We welcome Reiner Fuellmich. After a general presentation and his analysis on the pandemic, he tells us about the actions he is leading, the legal and judicial situation in Germany where the system is locally under the influence of certain companies, international cooperation and “loaded dice” by the PCR tests of the much criticized Dr. Drosten.

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Topics of discussion include:

  • Background of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s involvement with the lawsuits
  • Key lies that are the basis for the fraudulent pandemic
  • Class action in the United States, Canada and Australia
  • Malpractice lawsuits internationally
  • Various lawsuits for individual situations


I did remember, however, that there was a similar thing that happened years ago but I couldn’t quite remember the details of this. And that’s why I called my friend Wolfgang Wodarg who was a medical doctor. And I asked him about what he thought about it. He explained to me that I was remembering the right thing — it was the swine flu, which was 12 years ago. And he said it looks very much like the swine flu all over again — because it’s the same people playing the same roles. Panic. Making people panic. The same professor Drosten of Charity University, the same Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College in London. Same people.

And he told me to take a closer look at what some of the other experts said, because we knew very quickly that the only person who the German government relied on was this infamous, now infamous, professor Drosten. So he pointed out to me that there’s Ioannidis of Stanford University and Michael Levitt of Stanford University. Plus a number of German scientists who have a entirely different view of the situation.


…it’s quite clear that this is like World War III, and probably worse. A lot of people are committing suicide.


So the final question was, ‘what about the PCR tests?’. And when we looked at this, it turns out that there’s one major player who’s — now it’s called the Drosten paper which was published on, I think January 23rd. This major player is professor Drosten — who as it turns out is neither a professor nor is he a doctor. Because the dissertation, that finally was found by the people… who had been looking for it for months and months and months, turns out to be a piece that was probably produced in June of this year, but not in 2003 or 2002 as he as he claims it was.

So that got us really interested in this, because if somebody lies about his academic background then the next question is — is he telling the truth as far as what he’s saying in this now infamous Drosten paper, in this paper he claims that he had invented a new PCR test which was capable of detecting infections.

In another paper, that was published a little later, he claims that there are asymptomatic infections. Now you have to read this together because — what does that mean? If there really are asymptomatic infections, that means that people out there who have no infections whatsoever are dangerous because they may be infectious. If it’s not true then we don’t have to worry about that.

Up until then it was quite clear that anybody who didn’t have any any symptoms is not infectious — is a healthy person. I mean, who goes to see a doctor when they don’t have any symptoms? But all of a sudden this brand new claim stated there are asymptomatic infections. And this is, I think, really important to know because, if there were asymptomatic infections, then it would make sense to be afraid of everyone. If not, then the whole thing collapses like a house of cards.

The other thing is, what about the PCR tests? And it turns out that PCR tests — even though a PCR test is a great thing to amplify things that the human eye normally cannot see — it doesn’t and cannot tell you anything about infections. The inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis said this over and over and over again. I listened to all of his videos. Great guy. Intelligent. Witty. Smart.


So we listened to, I think in the meantime, over a hundred experts from all over the world — scientists, doctors, economists, lawyers — and as far as the scientists are concerned — the immunologists, the biologists, all of them said ‘No way can a PCR test tell you anything about infections’.

Because the one major problem it has — first of all it isn’t designed and it isn’t admitted for diagnostic purposes.


So what do we have here? We have two blatant lies. These are false statements. And we know that this man made them knowingly because he’s supposedly an expert on PCR tests. And we know that he lied on purpose because there’s an interview with him from six years ago, I think that was during the MERS flu, which is also a corona virus, a different one, but still. And that’s when he said that the PCR tests are so sensitive that they test positive to almost anything — and that, in many cases, it tests positive on healthy people. So he knew what was going on. And, even then, he also knew that the mainstream media played a big role in this. Because in this interview, he said ‘and you also have to take into consideration’, he pointed out that the mainstream media are causing quite a ruckus, quite an uproar.


If there are no asymptomatic infections, what’s going on? So we arrive at the conclusion — that is our current conclusion — that there’s some other agenda being pushed, which has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with control and power and money.


A class action is something that you can use when you have a huge, or a large number, of people who suffered damages because of one single damaging action. In this case it’s the lockdowns. The Drosten-PCR-test-induced lockdowns. And that’ll be a problem for Mr. Drosten and the people who he cooperates with — W.H.O. and others who are behind this — because they sold these PCR tests, these Drosten PCR tests, throughout the world.


…it looks as though the mistakes were made on purpose in order to drive up the numbers of infections which are really only false positives.


…The first complaint that we filed is — we’re representing our friend Wolfgang Wodarg because he was accused by a group of what is now called “fact checkers” (which is nothing else but people who are bought and paid for by youtube, twitter, facebook in order to defame people who express an opinion that is not in agreement with the government’s opinion, in particular when it comes to covid and PCR). So these people called him a liar because he explained that PCR tests cannot tell you anything about infections. Now if they call him a liar, they have to prove that he’s the liar. So we’re suing them for defamation… Today we’re sending out another brief to Drosten himself, explaining to him that he has to retract his ideas, but that, even at this point, he is civilly liable for the damages that he caused.


The most important thing is, of course, to get these class actions started, both in the United States and in Canada, and if possible, also in Australia. How this works is as follows: A person who suffered damages in the United States, or in Canada, or in Australia, because of these Drosten-PCR-test-induced lockdowns can file a complaint against Drosten, against the W.H.O. — or anyone else who, in the United States, Canada or in Australia claims that the PCR test that they’re selling tells you something about infections.

Now, if then, they explain to the judge that they’re not the only ones who are suffering harm, but that there’s thousands and thousands of more people who suffer the same kind of damage, they can ask the court to let this case go forward as a class action. Meaning, if the judge decides, yes, this makes sense to be tried as a class action, then anybody who suffered the same kinds of damages can join this class. What the judge will then do is publish this. And, if it’s going to be an international case, then he’s going to publish this worldwide in all the mainstream media — so that anyone who suffered damages because of this same illegal action can join the class. They don’t have to, but they can. They can still file their own complaints but the power of this class action is that you have — in the end, you have probably hundreds of thousands, I think even millions, of plaintiffs who are all in this one case together. But only one case, for the so-called representative plaintiff — someone who suffered typical damages — one case is tried. If this case is won then everybody else wins too.


We’re cooperating with all of our colleagues in Italy and France, in Spain, Austria, Switzerland — all of the countries from which lawyers have approached us. And they all get everything they need from us.


There are other actions that are going to be filed for malpractice. Yes. Because we know that, in particular when it comes to New York and Bergamo, Italy… The pictures of these places were shown all over the world in order to scare people, in order to tell them ‘this is what’s going to happen if you don’t do as we are telling you’. Because they needed these pictures in order to make people panic — put them in panic modes — so that they won’t ask any questions but do as they’re told. Wear masks, for example. Social distancing, for example. You have to have a lockdown, for example.

We know now from talking to the doctors from New York and from the United States, and from talking to a network of doctors in Italy and in other places that these pictures were staged.


…We’re waiting for a trial date to be set by the court here in Berlin. I know that, very soon, there’s going to be a similar complaint to be filed someplace in the United States — within the next couple of days I think. And I know that within the next couple of weeks a real PCR class action case will be filed in Canada.


I wish we had acted sooner, but it took us a while to understand what was going on. And you can’t go to court unless you have the full picture. Now we have the full picture, we believe. In our opinion, this is a staged pandemic — staged for completely other purposes than health care.

As I said, this is about money, power, and control over the people. And so this is actually the last step. Collecting damages should be the last step.

What we’re all working on right now — because we have to get our priorities straight — is to… we’re filing criminal complaints and administrative law complaints in order to stop the EMA [European Medicines Agency] — the European commission that decides on whether or not to admit these vaccines — in order to stop them from admitting these vaccines, because as we know now they’re extremely dangerous.

They’re not vaccines. This is genetic engineering.


[speaking about situation in Germany] I think there are about thirty percent of the population who are completely in line with the government, and who, if they had a choice but probably would wear three or four or five masks on top of each other. But then, there’s 20 percent who are of the opinion that there’s something seriously wrong and this should be stopped very soon. But 50 percent of the people — that’s what we estimate — are beginning to ask more and more questions. And, if I read my sister correctly, and other nurses and doctors who I spoke with, at least 90 percent of the people do not want vaccinations.

Tomorrow we’re meeting with a large group of lawyers and we’re going to decide who’s going to do what. Some of us are going to go to administrative law courts, some of us are going to work with the tort law cases — which is my specialty– and others are going to do criminal law.


More and more doctors are coming out of hiding and are approaching us, the Corona Committee, through our whistleblower tool. So things are beginning to boil…

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