Dr. Tom Cowan w/ Catherine Austin Fitts: Our Current Destructive, Hidden Planetary Governance vs the Vision of a Prosperous & Healthy New World

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Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends| Catherine Austin Fitts

by Dr. Tom Cowan w/ Catherine Austin Fitts
October 29, 2020


Original video is available at Dr. Tom Cowan YouTube channel.

Catherine Austin Fitts, who probably knows more about the economic side of the Covid plandemic than anyone else alive today.   She has worked in the highest levels of government and finance, having served as assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development and started and managed various private-equity firms on Wall Street.

What she shares on this podcast is both disturbing and inspiring.  The road to building a society based on health, truth and justice is in front of us, and she lays out some of the steps to get there. Please join us.

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Excerpts from Catherine Austin Fitts’ commentary:

“…We are at the cusp of an effort, by whoever leads the planet, to cancel currency. So we are now facing the end of currency.
I would say the defining characteristic of life on planet earth is we live within a governance system which is a mystery.  I’ve lived my whole life, and I’ve tried to figure out who really runs things, and how they run things, and I have to tell you, I don’t know.

I have lots of high octane speculation, which is very informed high-octane speculation.

But I want you to think about how ridiculously absurd it is that we live on a planet where the leadership is a mystery and the majority of the financial transactions and financial management is a secret.
Let’s  just pretend we’re in a world where we have two groups of people. One are online retailers and one are Main Street retailers. So the online retailers and their pals pretend that there’s a plague and they announce that all the Main Street retailers are non-essential — at which point, the central bank prints a lot of money which they lend to the online retailers at zero percent. And those retailers can now take over the market share of the Main Street retailers, essentially for free. They can take all their income, and that drives their stocks up. Okay? So, their stocks go very high, and let’s say they sell their stocks when they’re very high. And they reinvest that money in building out smart grids in communities so that they can expand their market share further. And let’s say the government creates something called opportunity zones where they can shelter their capital gains tax on their sale of stocks. So, how do they get a whole lot of real estate fast and cheap? Well, they send in an army of protestors to burn the place down — in the opportunity zones — and that enables them to pick up the real estate for cheap.

Now if you follow all of this financial engineering…what you realize is, they are getting a whole lot of valuable assets for 10 cents on the dollar price with money that got printed out of thin air.
… So the powerful part of this network is the ability to not only know what’s going to happen before it’s happening, but to engineer what happens…”


Connect with Catherine Austn Fitts at Solari.com

Connect with Dr. Tom Cowan at DrTomCowan.com


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