Ethical & Moral Awakening: Jason Liosatos Interviews Catherine Austin Fitts

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Source:  Jason Liosatos Outside The Box
Published on Jan 9, 2018



My talk with Catherine Austin Fitts former assistant secretary of housing under George Bush Senior. Catherine talks about her own breakaway from the corrupted Government money system, and her wonderful work now at where she is helping people to understand our system, and move towards a more symbiotic one, based on empathy, morals, truth and co operation.


 The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings: The Solution to the World’s Problems by Jason Liosatos

The Solution to the Worlds Problems. We stand at critical fork in the road, a turning point in our human history. We can carry on our current course and face disaster, or we can embrace a higher evolutionary path of transformation and sanity which is desperately and urgently calling us towards it.
This book is dedicated to that emergency evolution and development. The choice is simply ours, because we are artists of ourselves and ultimately the future, we paint the future into being because we create and manifest with thought.


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