Facets and the Funnel of Kaleidoscopic Perception

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Facets and the Funnel of Kaleidoscopic Perception

by Zen Gardner
August 1, 2015


It’s intriguing to me to find viewpoints. When we observe anything we need to be mindful from whence we are doing so. It has everything to do with how we perceive so called reality.I had an interesting experience one time, I can’t remember if it was in a semi dream state or some such altered frame of reference, but I could see an object or concept I was viewing as a sort of crystal. If you looked at it head on it had certain perceived traits and characteristics. But when I moved slightly to the side to see this form through another facet it was of a completely different nature than I had originally perceived.

It was a brief insight but it was extremely powerful for me. I actually could see more clearly what the nature of the form was from a side angle than I could from straight on. The “displayed” identity of what it was I was looking at was nothing like, or should I say very dissimilar to, the projection I was being given looking at it from the conformed frontal viewing space.

This is a very powerful metaphor for our ingrained ideas of perception. Looking “head on” is not all it’s cracked up to be, no matter how seemingly perceptive our understanding of that head on picture of the fractal holographic reality we’re attempting to process. Slide around the side and look again.

Our Twisting Perception

Let’s “face” it, so to speak, this world is all about perception. If you’ve ever looked through a kaleidoscope you’ll know what I’m talking about. The bits of glass or crystal move inside this cleverly mirrored viewing tube while light permeates from behind the image. With each slight twist the picture completely changes.

Such is our changing perception, and we should be mindful of that.

Plato, whom I don’t fully trust, said that behind our perceived reality are “forms”, archetypal images and concepts that we’re in a way identifying and even conjuring into our reality. I don’t know about that, but the idea is very interesting. It’s one way to perceive or explain our reality. The essential question is what exactly are we perceiving, and how can we get a true grasp on the nature of our actual existence?

Such is the life of human spiritual pursuit perhaps, but it’s not one without ultimate gratification. We’re not here to be deceived, tricked or led on into vain searches for meaning in life, however rampant this phenomenon is. Knowing we are whole in ourselves and have every answer we need at our disposal in some way is essential to the quest.

Perceive Outside the Tube of Thought

Twisting the kaleidoscope is fair enough as a metaphor, but why are we confined to even that? Perception has everything to do with the perceiver. We are the real, conscious crystal in a sense. And in a marvelous crystalline universe. The possibilities are boundless yet the spirit of perception is what lives on. Therein lies the key – conscious awareness in a sea of infinite possibility.

This is why the position of the observer is so essential to our awakening. The place of conscious awareness is our essential being. Not what we view, or even understand, as those will change, much like the kaleidoscope of perception. It’s who is viewing this magical world we exist in that is connected to the essence of everything that is the essential all powerful element being hidden behind this holographic veil of illusion that is the key.

Such is the power of detachment. We’re no longer subject to our surroundings, but playful participants. We observe, we pop in and out on the field of interchange, but are not subject to any laws other than those of loving Source, which we are aligned with by the nature of our detachment and awareness of our essential consciousness. It’s really not all that complicated. When we operate from this standpoint our actions have their most profound effects where needed, and our peace is kept securely in the bosom of a loving, creative Universe.

Facets – Something to Grok

Facet is a very interesting term. We use it in so many ways, but essentially it does reflect attributes or faces of perception. What “face”, derived from facet, is someone or something portraying? Is it the true face of what lies behind it? Are we often being given a deliberate false perception of something for whatever reason, or taking things at “face” value without realizing it?

This is one of life’s toughest lessons, realizing we’ve often been deliberately deceived and abused in whatever manner after a conjured lie caught our fascination. It’s a mainstay of popular, manipulated culture. It seems to usually appear one way only to lure us into participation or consumption in some way. Plants and animals do this as well to attract prey. Why not so within the human and even spiritual realms where deceptive parasitic energies are fully at play?

One look at the put on faces of our evil would-be rulers knowing well what lies beneath illustrates this point perfectly. Spoken lies are another projected facet through which they want the world to perceive them.

That wake up happens to all of us sooner or later. Be it crass advertising, religious and cultic predators, or socio-economic-political deviants on the road to nowhere looking for adherents, this is a minefield we each grow up navigating.

Have Fun With This Reality

This kind of detached yet fully aware and participating existence is a blast. Just look at the joy in the faces of realized people you’re read about or know. Happiness, clearly not derived from temporal pleasures although those can be fun too, is a state of mind and heart. It comes from overcoming the falsities imposed upon us by this lower dimensional paradigm we’re living in and in finding truly free and productive lives, helping to liberate those unfortunately entranced by the lies of this matrix-type world we find ourselves embroiled in.

Herein we find fulfillment in this current paradigm. Overcoming and then dancing with glee on the illusion couldn’t be a better setting for a conscious soul! If you’re not laughing at the current insanity you’re not there yet is all I can say. Overwhelmed or overcoming keeps coming to mind lately. It’s a choice.

That’s how to handle this current world. But it’s not without response-ability that needs to be actuated. We can’t possibly think we’re awake yet not helping to rescue those who are drowning.

Some thoughts to ponder.

Stay detached, yet engaged. That’s about as zen as you can get.

Enjoy the ride! And help others do the same while exposing the game for what it is.

Love always, Zen


Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits. His book You Are the Awakening has met rave reviews and is available on amazon.com. You Are the Awakening examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.

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