French “Civil War”? Or a Gladio Operation Triggered by US Globalist Class?

French “Civil War”? Or a Gladio Operation Triggered by US Globalist Class?

I unpack the recent ramping up of violence in France on UK Column News 

by Vanessa Beeley
July 6, 2023


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On UK Column News 5th July I unpack the recent increase in violence in France and the surge of right-wing propaganda criminalising France’s Muslim population.

For context I include an excerpt of something I wrote in 2021 about the 1961 massacre of Algerian refugees in Paris and I recommend watching this short animated movie called Tears of the Seine.

The refusal to recognize victims boils down to a message that one person’s life doesn’t have the same value as another’s. And 17 October 1961 shows that the life of an Algerian was worth very little.

This sign of contempt and injustice is still felt in diffuse ways by new generations of young people—and it contributes to their sense of revolt. ~ Moshen Abdelmoumen

Paris October 17th 1961 – Unarmed Algerian Muslims demonstrating in central Paris against a discriminatory curfew were beaten, shot, garotted and even drowned by police and special troops. Thousands were rounded up and taken to detention centers around the city and the prefecture of police, where there were more beatings and killings. How many died? No one seems to know for sure, even now. Probably around 200.

Maurice Papon, the Prefect of the Paris police, was the only Vichy France official to be convicted for his role in the deportation of Jews during WW II. But Papon was never prosecuted for the deaths of Algerians caused by police under his orders in 1961. These were not the last deaths caused by police under Papon’s responsibility. Four months later, in February 1962, Papon went too far even for the French President Charles De Gaulle, when French police killed nine white people at a Communist-led demonstration against the war in Algeria. 700,000 people marched at the funeral of the five protesters while a general strike shut down Paris.

Thousands of Algerians were rounded up and brought to detention centers, where the violence against them continued. “Drowning by Bullets,” a British TV documentary aired about four years ago, alleges that scores of Algerians were murdered in full view of police brass in the courtyard of the central police headquarters. The prefect of police was Maurice Papon, who recently was still denying charges that he was responsible for deporting French Jews to Auschwitz during World War II while he was part of the Vichy government.

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In my report for UKC News I focus on who is behind the new level of violence on French streets, the emergence of assault rifles and guns thought to be coming in from Ukraine. Car bombs, looting and attacks on police and fire-brigade members. While the media has been largely silent about the Gilets Jaunes protests and state sanctioned brutality since 2019 – suddenly the media is aflame with “France is on fire”, “France has fallen” and other such sensationalist hyperbole. The right-wing is whipping up anti-imigrant frenzy and it is hard to tell who is really carrying out the core violence from which the flames have been fanned.


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