Funnel Vision… Is It Closing in on You?

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by Zen Gardner
September 14, 2012


I can’t seem to escape this sensation.

Everywhere I look things seem to be narrowing down to fewer options and shallower depths. I’ve known this was the agenda for some time and have seen it in action but it’s become overpowering now.

Anyone else seeing this?

It’s like someone is coloring our eyes and skies, limiting our mental options, and attempting to wipe our memories, injecting a candy-coated, simplistic kind of birthday party mentality into our “normal” conversational existence.

Something’s seriously screwy.

A very big question to ask when this sensation hits: What are we being distracted from?

Awake or Asleep – the Deadline Approaches

It’s almost like looking through a liquid kaleidoscope that’s changing reality by the turn.

  • What are we approaching?
  • What is the ominous feeling I have and how do these extraneous dots connect on this new playing field?

Not only has the mass hypnosis of uninformed news and dumb-downed media killed the living spirit of the fast food generation, but any semblance of a true loving reality is being summarily eviscerated.

Don’t understand that? My point exactly.

We knew the vibrational changes would be challenging, but seeing all this up close and personal I have to admit is a bit disconcerting.

It’s time to join hands, minds and hearts.

Perceiving Reality in an Unreal Age – The Mountain Range

One way I understand this intermittent perspective confusion is the mountain range analogy.

Driving into Denver for example. From far away you can see the peaks and depth of the glorious mountain range ahead with its full length and full majesty laid before you. You clearly get the big perspective.

As you get closer the ground undulates and you see the range up and down with less perspective but still with a slowly disappearing outline of what you’re approaching.

Then you hit the foothills. You’ve arrived at the base. And that’s it.

Only way to see the peaks now is to drive in to them through the rising passes if you dare to take the lonely trek. But even then you’re higher as you go so you never get that clear, distant perspective again. You’re now part of the high scenery you once viewed from afar.

The glorious inspiration now has obstacles like narrow slippery roads, cold weather, snow slides, weird tourists, wild animals etc. And will you make it to the next gas station? Not so fun after all perhaps.

Things now surround you and come at you and you’re on the defensive somewhat and have to keep moving.

You must remember the directions you got from the big perspective.

It’s Happening Now

It hits me like that. I’m the same way in this strange time we’re now experiencing.

It’s harder to get these distant intuitive sensations or insights, a lot closer shit is going on and tossing me about. Like this new chaos campaign to further demonize Muslims as radical extremists and step up the polarization and anger on both sides, as well as justify the U.S. clampdown.

And Obummer’s new internet exec order crap. Damn they’re nasty.

There’s no warm up to anything, it just happens.

The warnings were before. We’re practically at duck and cover now.


Don’t be afraid, and don’t succumb to these lower vibrational attacks. It’s clearly the culling of the herd, spiritually.

They’re counting heads.

Don’t be one of them. A warning…

Love, Zen

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