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Source:  Giza Death Star

by Joseph P. Farrell
May 9, 2019


As you might have guessed, I’ve been focused this week and last week mostly on “space stuff” and “strange stuff”, courtesy of one of our regular reader/article contributors, “B”, who has turned into quite the patent sniffer-discoverer, and this latest one is… well, let’s put it this way: George Lucas would love this one, and it’s one of those things that I just have to talk about, because “B” found something in this patent that will probably send your suspicion meter into the red zone, just like it did mine. Here’s the patent pdf:


You’ve probably already noticed that this patent is relatively recent (August 2018), and you’ve also probably noticed that, like that “electrostatic generator” that “B” found and that I blogged about, it is also assigned to the US Navy, and it’s by the same individual. And finally, you may have noticed it is by the same inventor.

Before we go any further, however, a cautionary word about patents: if one looks at patents, people are filing patents all the time for all sorts of weird stuff. Patents are a claim, not a proof, for an idea. Presumably, people actually build what they patent, and the people reviewing patents have to determine if the claim at least is possible, but in the final analysis, just because someone files a patent implies nothing about whether the idea does or does not work. The patent claims it does, but one has to build it to make sure. Obviously, I have no way of building a device as described in this patent. So with that little caveat on the record, let’s dive into the high octane speculation.

If one looks in the pdf file at the first page and at the part labeled “Int. Cl. (51)”, one reads the following:

B64G 1 / 40 ( 2006 . 01 )

GOIV 7 / 04 ( 2006 . 01 )

H05H 3 / 04 ( 2006 . 01 )

GOIV 7700 ( 2006 . 01 )

HO1J 61 / 16 ( 2006 . 01

which, if one goes to the Google presentation of this patent, describes the classification fields for what the patent is about( see en?inventor=Salvatore+Cezar+Pais), where these headings are decoded as follows:

B64G1/409 Unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems

G01V7/005 Measuring gravitational fields or waves; Gravimetric prospecting or detecting using a resonating body or device, e.g. string

G01V7/04 Electric, photoelectric, or magnetic indicating or recording means

H01J61/16 Selection of substances for gas fillings; Specified operating pressure or temperature having helium, argon, neon, krypton, or xenon as the principle constituent

H05H1/2475 Acoustic pressure discharge

H05H3/04 Acceleration by electromagnetic wave pressure

G01V7/00 Measuring gravitational fields or waves; Gravimetric prospecting or detecting

All of this suggests that this patent (and the one on electrostatic generators we blogged about previously) is part of that DARPA-NASA effort to brainstorm and outline the steps in the technology tree to achieve a breakthrough in exotic space propulsion, and perhaps in the DARPA-NASA goal to achieve a “warp drive capability” within a century. In short, the patent may not represent an actually constructed device, but rather the claim on the (brainstormed) idea on the basic principles necessary to do so. But in either case, I suspect this is genuine, and that it represents such a brainstorming effort, if not actual device that has already been tested in proof of concept experimentation. And as one might imagine, I’m rather intrigued by the whole idea of “electro-acoustics” that the patent seems to imply, for I’ve been entertaining such ideas in my high octane speculations regarding the Great Pyramid and other things for quite some time.

Interestingly enough, the patent also implies that it is concerned not only with accessing the vacuum energy of local space, but seems to confirm that the patent’s core concepts are based on a Gedankenexperiment, a “thought experiment”, in paragraphs 0009 and 0010:

0009 ] Local Vacuum energy state can be seen as the collective energy state ( structure , which contains the ground state of minimum energy ( baseline fluctuations ) that is the quantum vacuum , and the excited state of energy ( induced fluctuations ) generated by matter or any other source of energy in that spacetime locality . According to quantum field theory , matter , energy , and spacetime are emergent con structs which arise out of a foundational structure , which is the Vacuum energy state . Matter is confined energy , bound within fields , and may be thought of as a spectrum of different vibrational ( and possibly gyratational ) frequencies of the Vacuum energy state . The engineering of the Vacuum metastructure ( since there are multiple Vacuum structures ) has been discussed from a General Relativity perspective , and from a quantum field theory perspective . We are immersed in an ocean of energy ( the Vacuum energy state ) , yet ordinarily we seem not to interact with it . This is because under normal circumstances ( at or near equilibrium ) , the Vacuum state is homogeneous , isotropic , Lorentz invariant , in other words , it is symmetric . If this symmetry ( far – from equilibrium ) is broken and strong interactions with the Vacuum energy state become possible , the manner in which the collective fields exchange energy with one another will be affected .

[ 0010 ] If we perform a ” gedanken ” ( thought ) experiment we can observe that the coupling of high frequency spin with high frequency vibration ( especially for rapidly accelerated spin / vibration of an electrically charged system ( object ) puts every point on the boundary of the object in a state of coherent superposition , thereby , inducing a macroscopic quantum phenomenon .”

But “B” noticed a paragraph which, in the email “B” sent to me to bring my attention to this patent, was highlighted, and when I read it, my jaw was on the floor.

If one can manipulate gravity, electromagnetics, and acoustics to create a gravity-“warp”, a “warp drive,” then the same principles can be used to create warps not for propulsion, but quite literally to rip planets apart. Think of it as a kind of “space-time” shallow reef of rocks, hidden just below the surface of water in an ocean; without a lighthouse to warn of the danger, one can crash and sink a ship. For convenience’s sake, let’s call this paragraph (paragraph 0038) the “George Lucas Death Star paragraph”:

US 2018 / 0229864 A1 Aug . 16 , 2018 [ 0038 ] The implications of colliding / focusing HFGWs generated by rapidly accelerated vibration / spin of electrically charged systems can be used in applications of propulsion as well as the extreme disruption of a planetary body ( if so desired ) since it can be shown that the energy level ( gain in potential energy ) capable of annihilating a planet such as the Earth is on the order of 1032 Joules ( which may be achieved with the concept at hand ; Eannibil ( 3 / 5 ) ( GMp ? / Rp ) ; Mp and Rp are the planet mass and radius , respec tively ) . Imagine a plurality of HFGWG devices ( a minimum of four modules ) , aligned around a planetary body or plan etoid ( asteroid / comet ) along a planar axis ( four cardinal points ) .The emitted HFGWs would impinge on each other in such a manner as to severely disrupt the vacuum energy state at a spacetime locality denoting a point of impact ( collision of gravitons with gravitons ) . At this disruption point , energy would be amplified to such a high degree as to generate a spacetime curvature singularity , leading to total destruction of the planetary body or planetoid ( which can be an asteroid or comet on an impact trajectory with Earth ). (Emphases added)

So there it is folks; one aspect of the quest for “exotic propulsion” is, like it or not, the ability to blow up Tiamat all over again planets, planetoids, or asteroids; we’re looking, in my opinion, at Mr. Medvedev’s “other methods” for taking out asteroids that he mentioned prior to the Chelyabinsk incident.

And of course, for all you Carlos Allende-Varo edition fans, it’s worth recalling that Allende did write about “the great bombardment” when “the gods” were basically throwing asteroids at each other’s planets. And of course, such a technology would be immensely flexible; one could use it not only for warp drives, or blowing up planets or asteroids, but for grabbing them and throwing them as well…

…and they’re taking out patents on the idea…

Let that sink in for a moment, and I’ll see you on the flip side…