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If Bill Gates Was President…

by Spiro Skouras, Activist Post and James Corbett, The Corbett Report
August 7, 2020


Also available on YouTube

Bill Gates was recently asked by Yahoo Business what would he do if he were president. In this interview James Corbett of CorbettReport.com joins Spiro to ask the very same question, only to arrive at a much different conclusion.

Corbett and Spiro also analyze the events that have led up to today’s current situation regarding the virus and the response to it. From the beginning of this crisis, we have all asked… Will the cure be worse that the problem? It seems evident at this point that the answer to that question is a resounding yes!

Spiro and Corbett delve deep into the problem-reaction-solution perspective known as the Hegelian Dialectic we are seeing play out in this manufactured crisis. The end game is clear. The only question is… Will the people accept what the social engineers have in store for humanity?


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