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by Joseph P. Farrell
October 1, 2019


Still think there’s no such thing as weather modification and manipulation? Well, thanks to the sharp eyes of one of the regular readers here (R.M.), there was a conference on the topic that was just a couple of weeks ago in Switzerland. But there’s more to this one than meets the eye:

Conference to Explore Laser-based Weather Control

Read those opening paragraphs carefully:

GENEVA, Aug. 30, 2013 — Ultrashort-pulse lasers as an emerging tool for controlling the weather will be the topic of interest at a gathering of atmospheric physicists, meteorologists and climatologists next month at the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva.

The Conference on Lasers, Weather and Climate (LWC 2013, Sept. 16-18) explores topics such as inducing lightning strikes with lasers, using lasers to seed rain clouds, and the similarities between nonlinear propagation and natural phenomena like rogue waves. (Emphases added)

And a little later, there’s this:

Clouds and their impact on the climate system are the largest source of uncertainty in predicting future climate events, Wolf, Kasparian and colleagues said in a paper published online in June by PNAS. In “Laser-induced plasma cloud interaction and ice multiplication under cirrus cloud conditions,” they report on the interaction of intense light pulses with water and ice clouds observed in a cloud simulator.

They discovered that, under typical storm cloud conditions, where ice and supercooled water coexist, the laser-generated plasma has no direct influence on ice formation or precipitation. But in thin, cirrus ice clouds, the laser action induced a “surprisingly strong” effect, building up ice.

Fancy that: one can use lasers to build up ice in cirrus clouds, effectively “seeding” them without having to “seed” them the good old fashioned way, with airplanes dumping chemicals.

But what I want to concentrate on here is the admission that one of the topics of discussion was “inducing lightning strikes with lasers.” There is in fact an area of research in the “black projects” world of using electron lasers to channel plasmas, and of using lasers to channel electrical discharge through the ionized columns that lasers can create in the atmosphere. The bottom line here is that this requires a lot of power, not to mention something called “phase conjugation” which allows the beam of a laser not to be so greatly dispersed by atmospheric reaction. We needn’t get into all of that here. The important point is that the laser is capable of creating a “channel” through which lightning can strike… repeatedly.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how this is going to be “sold.” We will be told this will be a useful tool for inducing lightning strikes over harmless areas rather than in dry areas which could start fires. But it also doesn’t take much imagination to visualize “other uses”, and here’s where today’s trademark High Octane Speculation comes in. One could just as easily use this concept to “fine tune” the steering of storms, creating charge differentials that would “pull” a storm in a particular direction, and with great accuracy. Think of the way a magnet works on nearby metal. More importantly, it could obviously be used to target lightning strikes.

With that in mind, think back to those pictures that some Californians took and posted on the internet before and during the fires that destroyed so many homes there, pictures showing columns of light apparently coming from the sky. And a few minutes later, fires, or lightning strikes.

Perhaps the real purpose of the conference is to let the cat out of the bag…

See you on the flip side…