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by Joseph P. Farrell
March 20, 2020


This story came from J.D., who noticed that as a response to – you guessed it – the story I don’t want to talk about but that everyone’s talking about, the New York Stock Exchange will suspend all trading on the floor and begin all electronic-trading this Monday:

New York Stock Exchange will temporarily close trading floor, move to electronic trading because of coronavirus

If you’re a regular reader here, or have followed my various interviews  – especially those with former assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts – you’ll know I’ve long voiced my suspicions about electronic, or High Frequency Trading. We’ve seen, from time to time, the enormous effects of this monster on human market activities, including the infamous “flash crashes” that occasional occur when the computer algorithms “go nuts” and sharply drive down individual stock prices. My concern, chiefly, has been that as more and more market trades – be it in equities, securities, or commodities – are being executed by computers at tremendous speeds, the less and less any given market is reflective of genuinely human trading activity and the speeds at which it really occurs. In the world of “dark pools” and high frequency trading, time and speed equal paper profits. It’s the latest technological twist to financial and crony crapitalism.

My other concern is that such trading, which can literally execute massive transferences and trades of stocks, or whole tranches of stocks and securities, in mere nanoseconds, is also the perfect vehicle behind which to hide sudden and “paradigmatic” shifts of the structure of equity holdings. The latter hasn’t really happened yet.

But it could.

This is where this corona virus plandemic op comes in. As a strike against the middle class and small business, it’s perfect, since one potential goal of the social engineering is to render the human element in human interaction irrelevant. Already schools are closing, while the numbers continue not to support the massive amounts of hysteria being ginned up to do so. But it serves nicely if the goal was to get rid of real human teachers in a real human classroom teaching real human students. Similarly, if one wants to eliminate the human factor in trading altogether, what better way, and to accomplish massive shifts in who owns what in the twinkle of an eye; over and done, before anyone realizes what has happened.

As for me, I’m not, and have never been, rich enough to “play the markets,” but if I were, rest assured I would feel much better about doing so if I knew my trades were being executed by a real human, shouting and waving papers on the floor of the NYSE with other humans, getting a stamp on the trade, and a real physical tangible stock certificate in the mail. Take part in a computer-bankster manipulated casino?

I’d rather put all my few assets on one number on the roulette table.

And having worked in casinos, I can assure you that’s not happening either.

See you on the flip side…