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This has been a strange week, not only for news, but for the very bizarre synchronicities of stories people are finding and sharing with me. In fact, when I sit down to schedule blogs for the coming week, I always do so with a mixture of eager anticipation and trepidation, for the synchronicities and patterns that result can be mind-blowing and, at times (such as now), very disconcerting, for sometimes the dots don’t have to be connected; they’re already connected by the pattern of articles people send me.

Yesterday, for example, I blogged about the strange anomalies surround the fires in Sonoma county, California, and also posted three additional “tidbits” of videos showing some very strange things indeed: melted metal, which means the fires burned much hotter than the average house fire, and the grizzly detail that some unfortunate victims’ bodies were so charred that dental records and other identifiers had to be consulted for the purpose of identifying the victims. Other strange anomalies appeared to be in evidence, such as trees close to buildings completely burnt out, but the trees were not burned. In another strange case, one man posted a video of a tree burning from the inside out.

Add it all up, and one isn’t looking at a typical “wild fire,” but at something perhaps altogether different. In my main blog yesterday, one reviewer posted an article hypothesizing some sort of electro-static cause, based on the “electro-acoustic” work of Nikola Tesla in the late 19th century. In that reviewer’s estimation, one possible cause for the bodies having burned so quickly and so hot was their absorption of the metal particulates from all the chemtrail spraying in California. Increased metal content increases the electrical and heat conductivity. Essentially he was implying that chemtrails were large scale geoengineering, and that since humanity is a part of the wider ecosystem affected by such activity, that local humanity had been modified and that the result was the strange mixture of damage pattern: burned out, melted homes, unrecognizable human victims, trees either untouched or burning from the inside out, and so on.

Well, one of the strange stories that was passed along this week by a few regular readers here was this story about NASA’s plan to genetically modify human DNA to survive long-term exposure to the radiation in outer space for long term voyages… such as to Mars:

Nasa wants to alter the DNA of Mars astronauts in the 2030s to protect them from cancerous space radiation

The essence of the scheme is country simple:

It is also considering making more advanced tweaks or alterations to the DNA of its astronauts, although the moral implications of such a radical step will need to be addressed.

This includes epigenetic modifications, which alter the way genes are read by the body without making changes to the underlying DNA code.

Using such a technique would allow Nasa’s scientists to turn up the volume on one genetic instruction or mute another.

This may help to prevent cancers, dementia and other radiation related illnesses from developing, as well as boosting the body’s resilience to its effects.

Now, I’ve blogged about NASA’s DNA-altering scheme before, because it raises certain implications. “Apollo hoaxers”, for example, can point to this as yet more “proof” that we may not have gone to the Moon as advertised, or maybe not at all. After all, they point out, how does one get through the Van Allen belts? The problem with the “argument” is, of course, the old “x-ray” machine problem. Prolonged, or recurrent and regular exposure, creates the problem, not a “once-through” affair. The implication of NASA’s plan, however, is that there’s more than one way to deal with the problem of space-radiation, and that’s through genetic modification, which raises an intriguing question: what if we’re just now being told about an approach that was actually used back then? After all, if one can imagine black projects coming up with all sorts of exotic secret space technology, then that might very easily include medical technologies far in advance of the publicly known ones: was a certain small segment of humanity modified in the black projects, “breakaway civilization” world in order to be adaptable not only to space travel but to the technologies of exotic propulsion, which might themselves involve high exposure to radiation? (And, while we’re at it, is this possible “modified humanity” the real secret behind all the public nonsense over the years about “ET-human hybrid” stories, such as the Dulce, NM stories?) Such a view would be the biological variant of former Lockheed Skunk Works Ben Rich’s alleged statement, “We found an error in the equations” and “now we can take ET home.”  It’s rather like saying “We found an error in the sequencing code and now we drive ET home ourselves.

“Such modifications as NASA is suggesting and entertaining imply their opposite, that one can modify human DNA and cellular structure to be, not increasingly resistant to radiation, but decreasingly resistant to it; one might, for example, modify the human organism to become increasingly electrically- and heat-conductive, for whatever purpose. One might, in fact, experiment on whole human populations with a variety of approaches to see which works best – for whatever purpose – under certain conditions, such as extreme ambient electrostatic fields or radiation.

All of this is high octane speculation, to be sure, which brings me to today’s daily installment of it: what if, in order to study such epigenetic modifications, it was first necessary to test the opposite effect under the most extreme conditions, in order to learn the techniques of how to do it? Such might be one purpose, of many others, for the spraying, with some of the (intended, or unintended) consequences being the strange anomalies of the victims of the fires. After, they’ve conducted secret tests on human populations before, without their knowledge and permission.

In other words, they’ve been tacitly willing to subject people, without their will or consent, to possible suffering and death, to serve some “larger agenda.” It’s the old Nazi “space medicine”, on steroids…

See you on the slip side…