Of Navy Suicides, 5G, and Quantum Radar

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by Joseph P. Farrell
September 26, 2019


You may recall a few days ago I blogged about what’s happening with the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers, how many carrier groups had sortied without their carrier, and how many of them were being refit with new electronic warfare packages. There was much speculation about what these retrofits might be, from sophisticated anti-missile shields, to jamming equipment, and so on.

There may have been a development, in this story, and a partial drawing back of the veil, according to these articles shared by F.L.M., to whom I would like to extend a big thank you, especially for sending them with a bit of high octane speculation of his own, which I shall do my best to reprise here, because I think that speculation may be on to something. But first, here are the articles:

Investigators probing four suicides involving carrier crew

Acquisition Safety – Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) Hazards

You’ll note that the first article  mentions a string of suicides involving four crew members of the USS George H.W. Bush, which occurred more or less within the same time frame while the carrier is in dry dock undergoing maintenance, two of them on the same day. What’s interesting about them is that all four were crew involved in very serious duties:

Norfolk Police began investigating the death of Machinist’s Mate 3rd Class Robert John Bartulewicz III on July 16. His was the first suicide involving a Bush crew member since late 2017, Cragg said.

Last week, authorities in Norfolk and Portsmouth ruled three more deaths — one on Sept. 14, two on Sept. 19 — as suicides: Chief Electronics Technician (Nuclear) James Harold Shelton, Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class Vincent Michael Forline and Airman Ethan Thomas Lee Stuart.

No deaths occurred on the carrier, which is at Norfolk Naval Shipyard undergoing 28 months of Docking Planned Incremental Availability repairs. (Emphases added)

What’s intriguing here is that one of the unfortunate crew members was an ordnanceman, and the other an electronics technician, apparently involved with the nuclear propulsion of the vessel.

Checking things out, F.L.M. found the second article linked about, and that article contains some intriguing admissions, for repeatedly the article warms about thermal heating in biological tissue when working around newer radar and communications systems. This much has been known for some time, and is no big secret. But then it also mentions that on occasions, these systems can detonate ordnance with electronic triggers. (Russian rocket, munitions plant,and biotech laboratories explosions anyone?) If that’s the case, might a similar effect somehow be achieved at distance, say, on incoming missiles? Perhaps. What’s intriguing about the second article – and F.L.M. noted what you probably saw as well – there is a picture of a crewman working on an antenna (right next to the warnings in the article about thermal cooking of biological tissue and “accidental” detonations of ordnance) that looks quite similar not only to cellular towers, but also to 5G towers, which, additionally, look very much like quantum radar antennae. That observation alone should give one pause, because F.L.M. wondered, and I have to wonder too, whether or not the real purpose of 5G rollout might be a disguise for something very different.

With the recent Russian and Chinese advances in anti-ship missile capabilities, are we now looking at potential confirmation of those suspicions that the American carrier fleet is being equipped with some sophisticated form of electromagnetic defense, capable of detonating ordnance? If so, then in addition to the standard problems of working around radar and microwave equipment and the thermal damage to biological tissue, might we be looking at unintended emotional and mental consequences of working in an environment where crew are basically immersed in an electromagnetic soup, to the extent that the sudden removal of that environment might cause severe mental reactions including suicidal depression? Or worse, are we looking at yet another inhuman experiment in mind manipulation, and are these retrofits of “electronics” on the carriers something more than just an exotic missile defense, but perhaps also a tool of long distance mind manipulation technology?

To be sure, that’s all high octane speculation. But regular readers of this website will recall that my first suspicions after learning of the USS Fitzgerald incident in Japanese waters were that one might be looking at an incident not only of sophisticated jamming, but perhaps also of mind manipulation, technologies.

Regardless of the truth or falsehood of our speculations, I suspect we’ve just been given another strong clue…

See you on the flip side…