Ole Dammegard: The Coronavirus & Forced Vaccinations as Instruments in New World Order Agenda of Culling the Herd

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Sourced from Light on Conspiracies

by James Fetzer and Ole Dammegard
February 22, 2020


The Real Deal (22 February 2020), A profoundly disturbing report from Ole Dammegard about moving the agenda for the New World Order forward using the Corona virus as an instrument to promote vaccinations, which may be the means for culling the herd.

Editor‘s note:

The conversation also touched on:

  • Coronavirus as a giant psyop — a desperate effort to roll out a total control system and global population reduction.
  • October 23 & October 24, 2019 as dates where a massive attack on humanity was planned — allowing martial law to be in effect, shutting down the internet, mass arrests of people in truth community, etc. Coronavirus was being prepared at the same time. World military games in Wuhan with 10,000+ soldiers to be there to help with control of the masses when the whole event rolled out. The vaccines that will be distributed for the virus may well be the mechanism of death.
  • Microchipping of humanity through vaccines.
  • Weaponization of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Crisis actors involved in false flag operations.
  • Drills and simulations as covers for false flag events.
  • Censorship on social media platforms.
  • FBI involvement in problem-reaction-solution scenarios.
  • The on-going global tour of terror.
  • Run-hide-tell directive via crisis-alert apps.
  • CDC links to Project Paperclip and bio-weapons, and as patent holders for viruses highlighted in pandemics.
  • 5G roll out in Wuhan. 5G weakens our immune system, bringing about symptoms similar to coronavirus.
  • Elimination of cash money as another method of control.




  • conspira org
    March 20, 2020, 10:47 pm

    Every time I hear or see Fetzer I’m immediately taken back to the youtube “Why Did Fetzer Menace Dr Judy Wood”

  • Lynn Thelen
    March 16, 2020, 5:53 pm

    I once again want to thank you for bringing those of us who are doing our best to be awake and aware, such important information. You site is a go to site for me everyday. I’m surprised that this video has not been removed from vimeo.
    Please stay safe and again, much gratitude to you.