Don’t Save It All for Christmas

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Source:  One Voice Children’s Choir


One Voice Children’s Choir, under the direction of Masa Fukuda, covers “Don’t Save It All for Christmas.” Words and Music by Peter Zizzo, Rio Wake and Celine Dion. One Voice Children’s Choir is comprised of 140 children ages four through 18 who live in northern Utah along the Wasatch front, and in the Park City and Heber Valley areas. Many of these children join the choir at a very young age and remain throughout their entire childhood, along with their siblings. We lovingly refer to these kids as “lifers” because they have spent most of their life sharing the gift of music not just with the general public, but with chronically ill children, the elderly, the homeless, the needy, and the helpless all year round. The friendships forged in the choir, and the memories made singing with family last a lifetime. The choir children fully embrace the theme of this song by giving their time, sharing their talents, and spreading love and joy, not just at Christmas, but every day in the hope of making a positive difference in the world.