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Rhythm of Life
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 4 November

Rhythm of Life by Green Renaissance November 4, 2020    Life is like a dance, sometimes we know the

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The Alive Ones
Caitlin Johnstone | 2 November

The Alive Ones by Caitlin Johnstone, caitlinjohnstone.com November 1, 2020   The opposite of life is not death. The opposite

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The Journey
Mary Oliver | 19 September

The Journey by Mary Oliver   One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the

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Faceless Beings
OffGuardian | 28 August

Faceless Beings by Avadesh Yadav, OffGuardian August 28, 2020   Faceless beings with muffled voices stare at me through dark

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Melody Fowler: “18 Million” — Powerful Original Poem Challenging the Tyranny of Forced Mandates
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 22 August

18 Million by Melody Fowler, as read to Shasta County Board of Supervisors August 11, 2020 80+ citizens spoke on

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Do Not Let Them Train You
Caitlin Johnstone | 3 August

Do Not Let Them Train You by Caitlin Johnstone August 3, 2020   Do not let the news man train

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My Work is Loving the World
Mary Oliver | 18 May

by Mary Oliver   My work is loving the world. Here the sunflowers, there the hummingbird – equal seekers of

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I Know the Way You Can Get
Hafiz | 18 May

I know the way you can get When you have not had a drink of Love: Your face hardens, Your

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World Art, Poetry, & Music | 18 May

  Invictus by William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)   Out of the night that covers me,       Black as the pit from

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To Be Free in the World You Must Be Free of the World
Dale Allen | 15 May

To Be Free in the World You Must Be Free of the World A message from Dale Allen, Contributing Writer,

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‘Stop the Lockup/Lockdown’ Radio Advertisement | Come Alive!
Snordster | 30 April

Lockup Radio advert by Snordster April 30, 2020   No radio station will accept this piece. Democracy? Riiiiiiight. Be aware.

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Crazy Horse, We Hear What You Say: One Does Not Sell the Earth the People Walk Upon
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 24 March

Today, James True posted a version of this video on his Patreon page with the following words: “This is BIG

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Strange and Bizarre Ancient Artworks
Matrix Wisdom | 20 February

Strange and Bizarre Ancient Artworks That We Are Still Struggling To Explain! Matrix Wisdom   There are many events from

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Photographer Captures One of the Last Female Eagle Hunters of Mongolia
The Mind Unleashed | 9 February

Images Credit: Leo Thomas   While golden eagle hunters were historically male, women did eventually break through but now the

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Caitlin Johnstone | 29 January

by Caitlin Johnstone January 29, 2020 Source   They used to import slaves but that began to look ugly, so

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Just For This Moment
Caitlin Johnstone | 26 January

by Caitlin Johnstone January 26, 2020 Source   We could sit here all day talking about how the news man

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First Biological Nano-Robots Created
Joseph P. Farrell | 22 January

by Joseph P. Farrell January 22, 2020 Source   So many people sent me various versions of this story –

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A Blessing for Anyone
Caitlin Johnstone | 21 January

by Caitlin Johnstone September 24, 2019 Source     May all of your illusions be shattered beyond your ability to

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How Many Rounds?
Zen Gardner | 14 January

by Zen Gardner January 14, 2020   How many rounds of same old stuff until the bubble pops? How many

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I’d Rather Die
Zen Gardner | 12 January

I’d Rather Die by Zen Gardner January 12, 2020   I’d rather die and be alive Than die and just

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A Secret Cause of Disease – Loss of Heart
Mark Sircus | 4 December

What Soap is for the Body Tears are for the Soul by Dr. Sircus December 4, 2019 Source   Rumi

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Gratitude: A Heaven-Delivered Rose
Sri Chinmoy | 28 November

Poems on Gratitude by Sri Chinmoy   When gratitude survives All disappointments, Then it is real gratitude. Gratitude grows By

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Mary Oliver | 27 November

by Mary Oliver   What did you notice? The dew-snail; the low-flying sparrow; the bat, on the wind, in the

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There Is Much to Unlearn
James True | 24 August

Source:  James True August 20, 2019     Under Mind Control… Circumcision is sanitation. One white guy discovered America. Bread

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The Earth is the Soul of Man
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 28 April

Sourced from: The Saker     “Song of the Earth” performed by Russian bard Vladimir Vyssotskii.   Is the earth,

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Nature Photos: Parenting in the Wild
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 23 April
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Amazing Wildlife Art Sculpted from Recycled Paper
treehugger | 18 April

Source: treehugger by Kimberley Mok April 15, 2019   These life-like wildlife sculptures are actually made with rolled newspapers  

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Six Cantos: Poetry by Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport | 24 March

Six Cantos by Jon Rappoport, Outside the Reality Machine March 22, 2019   I Miles of unrecorded sand are The

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Poem on the Passing of My Wife
Jon Rappoport | 21 March

Source   Laura Thompson, 1952-2019 by Jon Rappoport March 21, 2019     Did a great Nothing swallow you whole,

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I Looked Up
Mary Oliver | 31 January

  by Mary Oliver   I looked up and there it was among the green branches of the pitchpines –

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Wild Geese
Mary Oliver | 27 January

by Mary Oliver   You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees

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Let Yourself Stumble
Kat Lehmann | 4 January

by Kat Lehmann   let yourself stumble a little trip yourself open let the sunlight warm your soul    

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Meeting Your Edge
Robert Augustus Masters | 1 January

by Robert Augustus Masters   If you’re not afraid, it’s not your edge. If you’re not resistant, it’s not your

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Rudyard Kipling | 10 December

film by Arran North October 1, 2015     Watch an authentic reading of Rudyard Kipling’s world famous poem, If.

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What to Remember When Waking
David Whyte | 6 December

by David Whyte   In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake, coming back to this life from the

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The Mountain Before You
Kat Lehmann | 4 December

by Kat Lehmann   the mountain before you is just a symbol what you climb step by step is yourself

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The Snow Man
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 2 December

Death is the mother of beauty. Only the perishable can be beautiful, which is why we are unmoved by artificial

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David Whyte | 2 December

Sometimes by David Whyte   Sometimes if you move carefully through the forest, breathing like the ones in the old

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Comedy Wildlife Photos
Mother Nature Network | 23 November

Source: Mother Nature News   Squirrel can’t believe who won the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards by Jacqueline Gulledge November 21, 2018

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The House of Belonging
David Whyte | 18 November

The House of Belonging by David Whyte   I awoke this morning in the gold light turning this way and

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Live Your Life That the Fear of Death Can Never Enter Your Heart
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 16 November

by Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee Nation   So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble

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The Invitation
Oriah Mountain Dreamer | 16 November

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer Source   It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know

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The Journey
David Whyte | 15 November

    The Journey by David Whyte   Above the mountains the geese turn into the light again Painting their

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An Infinite Number of New Beginnings
Jeff Foster | 19 October

Source: _Life Without a Centre by Jeff Foster   In your attempt to be an ‘adult’, you lose touch with

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How to Love
Jeff Foster | 15 October

Source: _Life Without a Centre by Jeff Foster   When a loved one is in physical or emotional pain, when

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Who Says Animals Don’t Have a Sense of Humor?
Mother Nature Network | 19 September

Source:  Mother Nature Network   Check out the finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. by Jacqueline Gulledge September 17,

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Hidden Mystery
World Art, Poetry, & Music | 11 September

Source:  Web of Love by Fred Burks   In the deepest depths of you and me In the deepest depths

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Be Like the Sky
Jeff Foster | 9 September

by Jeff Foster   Be like the Sky. Let rain, snow, the most ferocious storm, pass through, moment by moment.

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Beautiful, Flawed Us
John Welwood | 4 September

by  John Welwood   You are flawed, you are stuck in old patterns, you become carried away with yourself. Indeed you

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A Great Need
Hafiz | 27 August

Out Of a great need We are all holding hands And climbing. Not loving is a letting go. Listen, The

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Hafiz | 27 August

Forgiveness is the cash you need. All the other kinds of silver really buy just strange things. Everything has its

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