Pregnant Man Pictured on Flash Card Used to Teach Preschoolers

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Pregnant Man Pictured on Flash Card Used to Teach Preschoolers
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by Jon Rappoport, Jon Rappoport substack
June 15, 2022


What the fuck?

That is a TECHNICAL comment on trending claims that men can become pregnant.

Gateway Pundit has the story: “A North Carolina preschool is under fire after using LGBTQ flash cards, one of which featured a pregnant man, to teach the little kids about colors.”

“Republican State Rep. Erin Paré was emailed about the flash cards by a concerned constituent and contacted the principal at Ballentine Elementary School, part of the Wake County public school system, about the alarming email.”

“The principal searched the classroom and located the cards, according to a statement from North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore.”

“’The principal found the stack of cards in a preschool classroom and verified with the teacher that they had been used by the teacher in the classroom to teach colors. The principal confirmed that the flash cards were not part of approved curriculum and that she was unaware that they were being used,’ Moore’s statement said. ‘The principal immediately took possession of the cards, contacted the WCPSS area superintendent, and engaged human resources. The principal expressed appreciation for the constituent’s information via Rep. Paré, as she would not have known about the flash cards otherwise’.”

Preschoolers. Flash cards. Pregnant man.

Does that give you a clue about the depth of re-education underway?

Follow this closely. A woman who decides to “become”—through drugs and surgery—a man, or a woman who simply identifies as a man…but in either case retains the necessary female equipment allowing pregnancy…supposedly means:

A man can become pregnant.

The best con artist on a street corner demonstrating his shell game for suckers would flush with envy at that word-game hustle.

By logical extension, a woman who identifies as a male tiger proves that male tigers can give birth to human babies.

I offer this as a warning to medical dictionaries and organizations. They’re going to be very busy with language updates.

Also, if the Supreme Court overturns Roe-Wade, many men will protest because they have to fly to distant states to obtain abortions. Right?

“We here at the Johnson Clinic are proud to announce our expanded services for men wishing to terminate their pregnancies. To show you how far we’re willing to go, last month our team handled the abortion of an apple tree. The tree, formerly a Beverly Hills banquet consultant, Marcia Crane, who identifies as a Granny Apple tree in her back yard, arrived here at the Clinic with questions, and we had answers…”

LA Times: “Apple Tree has launched her campaign for a Congressional seat in the 33rd District, after huddling with advisors, including her husband, Miriam Forever-Penelope, who sits on the board of Trans-National Sinaloa, a charity which funds several PBS wildlife series…”


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