Reiner Fuellmich With Peter Mac Isaac: Why Are Canada´s Forests Burning? 

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Reiner Fuellmich With Peter Mac Isaac: Why Are Canada´s Forests Burning? 

by Reiner Fuellmich, International Crimes Investigative Committee


In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with Peter Mac Isaac, former provincial game warden in Canada about the current situation there, particularly with regard to the devastating forest fires from which humans, animals and nature are still suffering.

This series of wildfires began suddenly in the spring and the causes are being blamed on the narrative of man-made climate change.

Peter Mac Isaac is not afraid to openly express his personal opinion on this and has already had to suffer reprisals from the Canadian government, which has censored his expressions of opinion in every way.

This dictatorial approach of the government under Justin Trudeau to suppress freedom of expression is reminiscent of the harsh persecution of the “Truckers for Freedom” movement in the so-called “Corona Pandemic”, when many courageous people rebelled against the incipient totalitarianism in Canada and received broad popular support.

As an expert in the field of nature and forest protection, Mac Isaac denounces the government’s fatal handling of the forest fires.

Why were no experts called into action and why were they even discouraged from assisting on the ground?

In his opinion, one of the simplest terrorist methods is to frighten people with fires so that they will accept without protest any measures that the government orders, such as a “climate lockdown”.

It was modeled on the “Corona pandemic” with its inhumane measures, after which new sociopolitical and social control mechanisms could be installed.

Through his reporting on the situation in Canada at that time and through the comparison with almost all other countries in the world, it becomes quite clear that everything that happened then and is currently happening are meticulously planned and orchestrated actions carried out by a certain group, namely “Mr. Global” and the correspondingly corrupt and unscrupulous henchmen.

He points out the importance of not being intimidated by this small group, of standing up and speaking the truth out loudly.

It only takes 3% of the people on the planet to initiate a momentum of change, the other 97% who suffer from fear and cognitive dissonance will then join and also find the courage if they have role models.

Because if we do not change anything today, this task will become more and more difficult for our children and our children’s children. We must not remain inactive, the time to stand up is now!


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