Spiro Skouras With Richard Willet: Now ‘They’ Creep From the Shadows

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GLITCH IN THE CODE with SPIRO SKOURAS (The Great Reset ) Now they creep from the shadows

by Richard Willet, Glitch in the Code
June 7, 2020



It was an absolute pleasure to interview one of the best independent journalists of the day Spiro Skouras for Glitch In The Code.

In this episode we talk about the revelation of the World Economic Forums “Great Reset” which is completely Orwellian and Totalitarian, with a sprinkle of Nazism.

I think we are both a bit shocked at the sheer gaul [sic] of these lunatics and psychopaths that they would think it’s appropriate to even consider themselves so above us all that they would get to choose when we require a “reset” .

Add to this the Lockstep and Dark Winter war games and we can clearly see how little regard these Black Nobility (Prince Charles) and Banking Elites have for our ability to make our own decisions.

Here is Spiro’ fantastic report on “The Great Reset”: https://youtu.be/X6pzXrEBqR0

Spiro also writes for the fantastic alternative news site Active Post: https://twitter.com/ActivistPost/status/1269477159673962496

Are we standing on the edge of what Jim Mars called “The 4th Reich”?

In my opinion that is clearly what we are seeing. The evidence shouts that the 3rd Reich may have fallen with Germany at the end of WW2 but the Nazi party merely went underground and swapped Jack boots for Medical Gowns, Brief Cases and Trainers and T Shirts in Silicon Valley. Stack holder Capitalism is a Nazi ideology , Corporations and Government should never be connected.

In the event that the original video is censored and deleted by the source social media platform, link here to a mirrored copy on Truth Comes to Light Bitchute channel.
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