Terrain Therapy

Terrain Therapy

by Dr. Sam Bailey
December 3, 2022


We are very pleased to announce the release of a new book, ‘Terrain Therapy’. This has been months in the making and brings back to life the important writings of Dr Ulric Williams.

In this video I read my foreword for Terrain Therapy and outline how it has been one of the most important factors in shaping our understanding of health and the fundamental errors of the medical system.

This book contains information on:

  • what disease is and how it is brought about
  • why orthodox medical treatments are unable to cure
  • “healing crises” and how to manage them
  • dietary principles for adults and children
  • special diets (including hundreds of recipes)
  • how to start and end a fast to promote healing
  • mental and spiritual healing

and much more health and well-being wisdom!

If there is one book that I always come back to, it’s this one – my guide book to health, life, and spirituality.


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