The Covidian Cult and Totalitarianism

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The Covidian Cult and Totalitarianism

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
December 5, 2021



CJ Hopkins is a writer and satirist.

He has written some of the most brilliant, most brutal commentary I’ve read surrounding this pseudopandemic.

Such as his piece titled The Road to Totalitarianism.

Or The Criminalization of Dissent.

Or the one that inspired our conversation, The Covidian Cult.

When CJ last joined me on my podcast, our internet connection was plagued with gremlins. Weirdly enough, we had similar issues this time around, which is why the conversation has a few cuts here and there.

Nevertheless, it turned out to be great.

He discusses

  • the Covidian cult to which millions of people have willingly succumbed;

  • how it’s driven by fear and no different to totalitarianism;

  • why being silent is a terrible idea; and

  • what we can do to push back against the global capitalists.


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