The Current Assange Screenplay: Reality or Psyop?

The Current Assange Screenplay: Reality or Psyop?

by Gary D. Barnett
June 29, 2024


“In effect, the human being should be considered the priority in a political war. And conceived as the military target … the human being has his most critical point in his mind. Once the mind has been reached, the ‘political animal’ has been defeated without necessarily receiving bullets.”

~ U.S. Central Intelligence Agency training manual


I believe it imperative to question absolutely everything, especially anything coming from questionable (all) ‘news’ sources, governments, politicians, most ‘alternative’ media, and all mainstream reporting services. Nothing is to be believed unless it can be critically vetted, and proven to be accurate. In this day and age, nothing can be considered certain on its face, as lies and propaganda rule the airwaves, and inundate the minds of the indoctrinated masses. In fact, in the sense of reality, psychological warfare against individuals en masse, is a constant, and therefore a soft conscience and preferred sympathies should be initially discarded, unless and until the actual truth is found, and shown to be without doubt. This seemingly cold-hearted response can be a difficult pill to swallow, but swallow it one must if actual truth is sought.

Considering the Julian Assange saga, there is much controversy, and questions abound from every angle. I will admit before I go any further, that I was also fooled by the Assange psychological operation for a brief period, and even penned a short piece about it five years ago. I knew all along his arrest and all the attention was misleading and a scam, but wrongfully assumed that he was likely just a ‘victim’ of the State’s efforts to silence whistleblowers and dissent. That desired outcome was certainly achieved, but was Assange just an innocent victim and hero of the ‘alternative’ media, or was he complicit in this CIA psyop plot meant to squelch honest reporting exposing real criminal behavior?

Usually, when one is targeted as a risk to the phony-baloney ‘national security’ narrative, he and/or his organization is heavily censored, his content severely restricted or eliminated, and in some cases, he might be disappeared or succumb to some suspicious death, but just the opposite was the case with Assange. His so-called crime centered on the release (leak? Who leaked it and why did Assange get it?) of video showing the brutal murder of innocent people, including journalists in Iraq at the hands of the U.S. military. But the U.S. military has been brutally murdering civilians worldwide since the so-called beginning of the country. The U.S. has been responsible for slaughtering civilians for decade after decade, and in many cases, showing this evil on television to the applause of its braindead population. What about the fact that Madeline Albright, then Secretary of State, admitted that murdering 500,000 children under the age of five years, was worth it? Was that not a more heinous crime that was ignored? That is only one example of U.S terror against innocents.

Consider U.S. crimes against humanity in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Africa, Iran, Russia through the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine, Palestine, and of course in other areas and here at home. Tens of millions of civilians have died just since WWII at the hands of the U.S. directly, or by proxy, but no arrests of the murderers and their mercenaries were ever forthcoming. So why Assange, and what was the real agenda? Dan Dicks does an excellent job of explaining much of this, as can be viewed in this short video he released just recently.

Wikileaks, Assange’s organization, was suspect as a CIA operation long ago, and continued to receive press coverage from ‘alternative’ and mainstream sources, and CIA controlled mainstream sources, before, during, and after the Assange ordeal. Coverage of Assange was not hidden, it was continuously reported by every news source. Now, it is still all-consuming in the mainstream and ‘alternative’ circles, blanketing news cycles.

What began with Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and his very public arrest, and dragging out of that embassy, leading to his imprisonment at Belmarsh prison in the U.K., seemed brutal, and his haggard and gaunt physical appearance gave the impression of harsh mistreatment or torture. He was said to be subject to horrible conditions, heavy drugging meant to destroy his brain and body functions, and many eluded to the possibility that he would soon die in prison; a physically broken and braindead soul. But time continued, and so did constant reporting and pleas by ‘alternative’ sources to free him.

The trials, so-called extradition efforts, and constant threats against him were never-ending it seems, and all the reporting continued freely and openly throughout this decade-long plus incarceration. Now, all the drama has ended, as Assange willingly pled guilty to what were called crimes against the State, when in fact, crimes by the State have by extreme magnitudes, been far and above, beyond imagination actually,  anything that Assange was accused of exposing. After all the supposed torture and drugging of Assange, he just walked out of prison, looking well-fed, fat, happy, and younger, and was given free passage back to his home country, as if nothing had ever happened. How could this be?

By pleading guilty, Assange effectively has gained his freedom, and many damning documents and emails against the U.S., its criminal politicians, and its war crimes will likely be destroyed. In addition, the precedent set is extremely dangerous considering anyone willing to expose crimes of the State. I would say that ‘journalism’ has been greatly harmed, but that happened a long time ago, as real and honest ‘journalism’ is basically non-existent today. This plea deal will go a long way to eliminating future whistle blowers, hackers, and truth tellers speaking out and exposing this heinous criminal government, and its crimes against humanity.

So is Assange a CIA asset, is he a hero, or has this entire ordeal been a staged screenplay meant to achieve a plotted outcome beneficial only to the deep state ruling cabal, its pawns in government, its enforcement gangs, and its controlled media? After all, much of Assange and his family’s past is suspect.

At this stage, it is my studied opinion, and therefore, I believe  a foregone conclusion, that Wikileaks is and has been all along, a CIA operation. While my views on this matter will be a controversial stance, until I can be proven wrong, I rest on the assertion that all this has been a planned psychological operation from the start. I cannot come to any other determination based on irrefutable fact.

What I know without doubt, is that all this stinks to high heaven, and raises many more questions that have not been answered. This alone requires the utmost skepticism, and much more critical investigation is necessary if the real truth is actually sought. This is just too convoluted and too pat a hand to accept without maximum scrutiny. Get upset at my conclusions if you choose, but always look much deeper than the assumed narrative purposely given to you by your handlers.

“Capture their minds and their hearts and soul will follow.”

~ Author unknown


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