The Fraudulent Use of PCR / RT-PCR Techniques for the Manipulation, Harm and, Ultimately, the Destruction of Humanity

The Fraudulent Use of PCR / RT-PCR Techniques for the Manipulation, Harm and, Ultimately, the Destruction of Humanity
A Scientific Analysis of the Significant Pitfalls Associated With the PCR / RT-PCR Techniques for the Alleged Detection of SARS-Cov-2 and Diagnosis of Covid-19

by Dr. Freedom, Contributing Writer for Truth Comes to Light
February 17, 2021


As someone with more than an adequate knowledge of the medical and clinical sciences along with some postgraduate research experience in genomic mapping using molecular genetics techniques, I would like to contribute to our understanding of this nucleic acid amplification method and how information derived from it could be very misleading when it is being used to diagnose purported “infections” in almost anything and everything nowadays.

Is it not amusing to find human swabs, samples of Coca Cola and some fruits all testing positive for “Sars-Cov- 2” using the RT-PCR protocol whilst the kit instructions, the enclosed information leaflet, as well as the print on the box clearly inform the users that the test kit detects Sars-Cov-1 only?

I suspect that the “PCR test” was intentionally chosen for its potential non-specificity. It can be a very useful technique for those wishing to control, mislead, impoverish and eliminate us as it is so easy to manipulate its protocol to suit different purposes.

It is an ideal tool to perpetrate massive deceptions.

Specific results could be generated based on specific requirements to meet certain political objectives in order to create the illusion of high and low rates of an imaginary, specific infection in different populations and appearing at different times.

Rolling trends of supposed Covid-19 infections, rolling trends of the stampeding of our rights and freedoms all in perfect harmony with the rolling trends of different vaccines presented as the only partial way out of our troubles whilst also being told that our lives might never get back to normal.

And to ensure that systematic analysis of results did not raise much suspicion with regards to bias; some degree of “natural data variability” could be fabricated through the incorporation of a certain percentage of negative test results.

The PCR can not diagnose anything useful at all.

In my opinion, being PCR positive is like testing humans for the presence of epithelial cells (which we all possess) and then confirming that indeed all humans have such cells but pretend that those cells are from a non-human or pathogenic microbial entity.

Allow me to make another analogy.

How could the finding of some very small, common, ordinary, random screws that you might find on a trail whilst hiking; necessarily and categorically prove that the screws belonged to a particular car model, manufactured on a specific date and by a specific manufacturer or that those screws belonged to something entirely different; perhaps part of a gadget?

Our bodies are awash with DNA and various RNA molecules which are constantly floating within and outside of our cells. The laboratory amplification of an alleged, specific and very short segment of DNA/RNA could not prove the existence of microbes nor could it ever predict illness or contribute to death.

I would like to refer you to the past statements and interviews of Dr Kary Mullis, the Noble Laureate and the inventor of PCR, regarding the limitations of this technique.

The specifics of the PCR/RT-PCR technique that might lend itself to manipulation and fabrication of a delusion and the creation of fear and anxiety:


1. Size of amplicon (amplified product): The smaller its size, the higher the probability that the product could be found on a variety of DNA sequences from a variety of organisms; including humans. That is why PCR should not be used for clinical diagnosis.

The sizes of the amplified DNA segments, supposedly only coding for various proteins of the Sars-Cov-2 are very small; about 112 bp long or slightly longer.

One particular pair of primers allegedly amplifies a 112 bp cDNA fragment of the Spike protein of this virus.

According to the CDC’s computer model, the size of The Sars-Cov-2 RNA is 30,000 bases long.

Thus, the fraction of the whole genome of the supposed virus that is being amplified using RT-PCR is 112/30,000 = 0.37 %.

This would certainly be a fantastic and an entirely novel way of conferring and confirming the existence and the physical wholeness of an illusory agent that has never been extracted and purified.

How could the use of PCR provide evidence for the functionality of a whimsical creation?

2. Length of individual DNA primers (forward and reverse primers, always a pair), their sequences, their respective concentrations and volumes could be altered thus influencing specificity of the annealing and the amplification rate of the target DNA/RNA molecules.

3. Types of enzymes (Reverse Transcriptases and Polymerases), their concentrations, their volumes and their chemical modifications prior to use could affect the production rate, the specificity of the amplification and the fidelity (accuracy) of amplification.

4. The denaturation temperature and the duration of denaturation could easily be altered on the PCR thermal cycling machine. Extent of DNA denaturation then determines if primers bind specifically to the “target DNA” or non-specifically to themselves in the next phase. These factors also affect the activity of polymerase enzyme, its half life and the yield.

5. The annealing temperature and the duration of annealing could easily be altered on the PCR thermal cycling machine thus affecting whether the primer pair binds to its “DNA target” specifically or non-specifically to other pieces of DNA or even binds to themselves. These factors also affect the activity of polymerase enzymes as well as the yield of specific and nonspecific DNA targets.

6The amplification temperature and the duration of amplification could easily be altered on the PCR thermal cycling machine thus affecting whether the primers remain bonded to the DNA target and the activity, half life and the fidelity of polymerase enzyme as well as the specific and nonspecific yield of DNA from various sources.

7. The number of cycles of PCR/ RT-PCR amplification programmed into the thermal cycling machine might be altered to directly affect how much amplified product is made and whether the sample would be easily detectable (by measuring the emitted fluorescence light) or not. This could increase or decrease the number of false positives according to prescribed narratives in case of unethical behaviour or genuine laboratory errors.

The higher the number of cycles, the larger the degree of amplification of specific and non-specific nucleic acid targets.

8. The concentration and final volume of the pool of RNA/DNA solution affects the degree of amplification. Has RNA been extracted and purified from the pool of DNA, RNA, proteins, cells, carbohydrates, cholesterol and lipids or is the RNA in a crude state that could negatively impact its amplification.

9. The concentrations and volumes of solutions of fluorescently labelled deoxyribonucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs) could also affect the amplification magnitude. A huge amount of DNA/RNA in the reaction from the start could ensure a higher yield of false positives.

There are four dNTPs: dGTP, dCTP, dATP, DTTP.

10. The ratio of the concentration of fluorescently labelled dNTPs over the concentration of unlabelled dNTPs could also affect the amount of DNA signal perceived and thus the number of false positives that could be detected.

11. Contaminants could result in the generation of false positive results.

12. Various enzyme inhibitors could result in the generation of false negative results.

13. Various enzyme promoters could result in the generation of false positive results.

14. The supposed RNA target belonging to the “alleged virus” is not and has never been isolated and purified prior to its amplification in the PCR machine. A swab sample will contain a mixture of DNA and RNA as well as huge amounts of proteins belonging to human cells, various bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungal species.

Even if RNA molecules are isolated and purified from the mixture it would contain total RNA and not just the RNA of the alleged virus. The mixture might still be contaminated with traces of various DNA molecules from a variety of sources.

15. The ionic concentrations and volumes of individual components of the buffer and the final pH of the buffer solution used in the reaction could be altered.

16. The handling and preparation of ingredients prior to placement on the thermal cycling machine could also affect the number of false positive rates.

17. The water used in the reaction must be double distilled ( deionised) and autoclaved prior to use.

Contamination with microbes, DNA, RNA, enzymes and other minerals in the water component or other reaction components could yield erroneous and misleading conclusions.

18. The supposed Sars-Cov-2 primer sequences are complementary to hundreds of bacterial and human DNA molecules: If one makes a list of all the different pairs of primers that have ever been used in the PCR technique to detect the alleged “Sars-Cov 2” throughout the world and compare their sequences with bacterial and human genome data sequences, using the BLAST website as an example, you would find hundreds of almost perfect sequence matches between what is alleged to be portions of various Sars-Cov 1 and Sars-Cov 2 gene sequences and human and bacterial DNA sequences.

The various primer pairs used in the detection of the alleged SARS-COV 2 virus exhibit at least 90% sequence homology with between 4-93 human DNA segments and 100 bacterial DNA segments ( site). The forward primer in isolation, the reverse primer in isolation, and both in combination pick up hundreds of matching human and bacterial DNA sequences.

And as far as I know, no one has yet to look at sequence similarities and cross matching between Sars-Cov 1 and Sars-Cov 2 primer sequences (used in PCR and RT-PCR for the detection of the alleged viruses) and fungal and parasitic DNA sequences. And I would not be surprised at all if these sequences match plant genomic sequences too.

If the primer pair sequences match hundreds of human and bacterial DNA targets then, by inference, the targets of amplification are also of human and bacterial origin and not of “viral” origin.

However, since the tested swabs contain much more human DNA/RNA than bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal genetic material then, it is highly likely that the high rates of false positive PCR test results used for allegedly detecting Sars-Cov 2 are actually just detecting human DNA sequences and nothing else.

Irrespective of whether intentional (cheating) or unintentional errors have been made in the PCR reactions or not, the data suggest that the PCR could be detecting hundreds of bacterial and human DNA sequences seemingly portrayed as Sars-Cov 1/2 sequences; causing huge surges in false positive rates and therefore an unmeasurably harmful levels of anxiety and fear in the populations.

19. Amplification of target DNA molecules does not require a perfect match between the DNA sequence and the primer sequences: With only a 50% homology (base sequence matching) between the unknown DNA sequence and the primer sequences, it would still be possible to amplify DNA from humans, bacteria, fungi and protozoa and then generate false positive test results depending on the setting of PCR conditions and the sequence and length of the primer pairs.

The amplified product of the PCR could easily be human DNA masked as viral RNA!

Those who believe in absolute control are forcing us to not only wear face masks but seem to be also masking and covering up the real targets of the PCR amplification reaction which appears to be human DNA, bacterial DNA and DNA/RNA from the natural environment.

20. Recent sequencing of the amplified nucleic acid (from PCR) obtained from more than one thousand patients falsely labelled as having Sars-Cov-2 and misdiagnosed as having Covid-19 has shown the presence of influenza A and influenza B sequences in the samples.

It was found that the buffer solution, as just one of the several ingredients used in the RT-PCR protocol, had allegedly been tainted with influenza virus sequences in more than a thousand samples analysed.

At first glance, the first reaction to this finding is that laboratory protocols must be tightened to prevent contamination of the sterile chemical components of the PCR.

The second obvious conclusion from sequence analysis of samples of patients mislabeled as carrying the Sars-Cov-2 would be that anyone carrying influenza A or B viruses might also test false positives for Sars-Cov-2.

The third conclusion might be that the PCR is not a perfect diagnostic method because it amplifies influenza A, influenza B, Sars-Cov-1 as well as Sars-Cov-2 sequences but that it might still be a reliable tool because it is still capable of specifically amplifying viral sequences and nothing else using the published primer sequences.

We might be sold the illusion that, with some minor adjustments to the PCR protocol, we might be able to eventually differentiate between different viruses.

But that is a total fallacy in my opinion.

What we are not being told categorically is that all those people who apparently test positive with the PCR for Covid-19, whether they appear healthy or unhealthy, are not carrying any kind of microbes whatsoever.

The PCR is capable of amplifying, under the right conditions, any non-specific piece of DNA and RNA from humans, from bacteria and may be even from many other microorganisms.

With inclusion of exogenous RNA/DNA as targets into the PCR mixture, irrespective of its source, the amount of non-specific DNA amplification (signal) would increase; pushing the agenda of labelling more of the tested patients as being positive for an imaginary virus.

What if there might be subtle efforts to try to show that if Sars-Cov-2 could not be detected at least “another virus” could be seen as contributing towards both false positive laboratory results in order to suggest that patients might be infected with a mixture of viruses but due to technical difficulties only the influenza virus sequences could be identified whilst Sars-Cov-2 could not be detected.

Since the PCR might be amplifying any piece of RNA and DNA, both from humans and bacteria, how sensible would it be to suggest that some randomly floating and amplified RNA emanated only from a virus; irrespective of the specific species or strains of the alleged microbe?

It is unlikely that all false positive cases in the world would prove contamination of the tested sample with RNA from influenza A and B viruses.

Even in the absence of contamination, the same PCR protocol has the potential to amplify just about any piece of nucleic acid from a variety of species.

Are we seeing a tactic to merely control, mitigate, repair and perhaps salvage the damaged reputation of the PCR as the alleged gold standard for the detection of a multitude of present and future well-orchestrated, well-timed, conveniently handpicked, suddenly flourishing and imaginary nasty microbes as well as the method by which imaginary diseases could be fabricated out of thin air with the sleight of hand?

21. New evidence is shedding more light on virology research and questioning the dogmatic beliefs in this field in general.

None of the “seven Corona viruses” have ever been isolated and purified.

What if other published viral sequences are also just computer models?

A German molecular biologist, Dr. Stefan Lanka and some other eminent scientists doubt the existence of the Measles and Corona Viruses.

As a validation to this claim, in 2017, the German Federal Supreme Court made a final decision agreeing that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the existence of the “measles virus”. In this trial court, Dr. Lanka even offered to pay 100,000 Euros for anyone who can prove the opposite.

Apparently, there is another offer of a reward for 100,000 Euros for anyone who can prove the existence of Sars-Cov-2.

Microbiologist and Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka: “Viruses Do Not Cause Diseases and Vaccines are Not Effective”

22. There is some evidence from the CDC website that Sars-Cov-2 sequences seem to have been generated using computer models.

It is alleged that Sars-Cov-2 virus has a total of 30,000 organic bases as an RNA molecule even though it has never been extracted and purified from a single Covid-19 case patient.

The CDC seems to suggest that Sars-Cov-2 was a computer-generated digital virus with 37 bases allegedly sourced from cases (0.001%) with 29, 963 bases (99.99 %) having been fabricated using genomic databases.

Might this behaviour not constitute fraud?

23. Many of us are rather sceptical about the germ theory of diseases in general and unfortunately, there seems to be a conglomerate of powerful and malevolent forces that are constantly and mercilessly pushing the virus agenda. And irrespective of the designated name of a particular trendy virus, this same force subsequently follows up the proceedings with relentless and persistent propaganda to forcefully peddle new vaccines onto the unsuspecting public under the pretext of protecting public health through the fabrication of an endless supply of new and supposedly ever- evolving list of imaginary and dangerous microbes.

Please look up the ignored historical arguments between Dr. Bechamp and Dr. Pasteur that took place about hundred years ago.

24. But where have we repeatedly seen computer modelling before?

In the prediction of various endemic and pandemic infectious diseases for the last fifty years at least.

All those predictions were hugely exaggerated to drive the narrative of the germ theory of disease. By creating the perception of harmful, illusory infectious agents; the pharmaceutical companies, the medical industrial complex, governments and eugenicists push the need for swift action through virtue signalling by ordering edicts allegedly meant to “protect the public” and coercing populations into giving up their freedoms and submitting to inhumane and very harmful treatments.

Those policies are there just to enrich the parasitic minority at the expense of the huge majority.

25. Surely, the notification of a positive PCR result is the harbinger of bad news for the mental and physical health of most of humanity and yet proves itself as a valuable tool in the machinations of those tiny minorities intent on causing undue harm to mankind.

What if the PCR technique is being used as a tool and as the Holy Grail by the control freaks to establish and perpetuate their nefarious agendas in 2021 and 2030?

Could PCR that is routinely carried out in a minute cup (a well in a microtiter plate) be a significant treasure for control freaks?

Could the abuse of the PCR technique and “other dubious diagnostic techniques” bestow technologists miraculous and magical powers that could amplify DNA (alchemy), determine mankind’s fate and simultaneously act as an enabler of technocracy and tyranny?

Could the abuse of PCR create massive deceptions by creating false positive results and mislabel people as sick and dangerous to others and thus promulgate the necessity for mass vaccination programs as the only way to control the imaginary virus?

Could the abuse of PCR create unprecedented opportunities for the medical-industrial-political complex and the banking industries?

Could the abuse of this technique make satanic psychopaths happier when they see the enormous suffering, misery, illness and death of the majority caused by their policies; the inevitable consequences of false positive PCR results?

Could the abuse of such techniques not make the egocentric and solipsistic minority more delighted when they see the exponential increase in their own power, wealth and control?

Could the abuse of this technique or “other trendy diagnostic techniques” in the near future provide the psychopaths with spiritual sustenance in infinite abundance- through the use of torture, abuse, abductions, societal destruction and democide as satanic rituals- and material sustenance in infinite abundance- through monopolistic power grabs, increased wealth, the synchronous control, rationing and contamination of the world’s food production and distribution networks and keeping uncontaminated and healthy foods for themselves- whilst people are constantly being distracted by “new virus strains”, new vaccines, loss of their freedom, loss of liberty, poverty, fake elections and rallies of controlled opposition groups?

Could all these questions be answered by examining the agendas of the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation among many others?

The aim of the psychopathic few has alway been to foment a significant decrease in the world population with a small minority of sheeple remaining. All dumbed down and obedient slaves exhibiting minimal cognitive abilities; incapable of rationality and critical analyses and with all the natural resources and wealth of the world in the hands of the tyrannical dominion.


You could easily have a situation where you have the same patient/case, same nurse, same technician, same sample, same time and date, same equipment but different results which is total and utter nonsense.

There seems to be intentional errors in and manipulations of the conditions of the RT-PCR in order to fabricate the fraud of much higher rates of non-specific, misleading and random amplifications of human and bacterial DNA target sequences. The more people get tested, the more people yield positive results for the illusive Sars-Cov-2 thus increasing the number of people alleged to be suffering from an imaginary Covid-19 disease. These nefarious policies of fabrication of false and biased data have been in temporal resonance with certain official political objectives and announcements of the officialdom at designated times.

Such policies work hand in glove and in perfect harmony with the spewing of fear propaganda created to drive us into a programmed and preconceived path of the Pied Piper.

The PCR method is used to chemically amplify a very short piece of non-specific DNA in order to generate false positive data; inducing and amplifying frequent and regular psychological traumas, chaos, untold damage to people’s lives and madness. Its esoteric value could be to induce control, obedience, conformity, uncertainty, confusion, compliance and a lack of belief in logic and common sense. All these repugnant practices, policies and responses are killing and psychologically torturing innocent human beings.

If you are determined to socially engineer populations by creating a storm in a teacup, you might want to manipulate the PCR and other diagnostic techniques to fabricate cases.

Suddenly and by some magic, a very small, unimportant, harmless, irrelevant piece of floating RNA/DNA that has been amplified billions of times becomes visible, relevant, omnipotent, omnipresent and irreverent. A theatrical tool to foment confusion, fear and chaos by making us frightened of an imaginary virus.

If you happen to test positive, they label you as having Covid-19 and, if by happenstance your test results are negative, it has been reported that laboratories and clinicians had been ordered to keep repeating the test 30 times or more in order to get a 1 in 30 hit; forcing the false positive result.

When through sheer persistence and cheating, the system finally finds you positive; suddenly the total number of cases would go up by a figure of 30 just based on your own “final result” alone. Because the laboratory might have repeated your test 30 times, your case would be counted as thirty cases!

Now imagine this nauseating and repulsive scenario whilst testing billions of people around the world!

There are just so many ways for the policy makers to use deceit to bulk up their statistics that it beggars belief. Such tricks constitute heinous crimes that are disturbing to our consciences and our souls.

What has been going on is pseudoscience, fakery and fraud.

Instantly, very healthy people testing “positive” are vilified, harassed, intimidated and stigmatised as spreaders of “disease”. Our pockets are emptied and we are impoverished. We would then be manipulated, corralled and coerced into taking their poisonous toxins as vaccines; guaranteed to cut short your longevity, healthspan as well as lifespan.

Alternatively, to cool things down and pretend that the sophistry of the planners of the draconian, ineffective plandemic measures (such as social distancing, masking, lockdowns, the endless vaccinations, trace and track, the use of personal protective equipment, the use of air filters and hand sanitisers, the shutting down of societies, commerce and trade and the ensuing meltdowns) had been effective in temporarily controlling the pre-ordained spread of the illusory virus; at the behest of the controllers, just like flipping a switch, the various parameters on the PCR thermal cycling machine could be altered to magically create the illusion of a “significant decrease” in the number of “positive” cases/deaths.The supposedly significant decrease in cases and deaths would then be strongly and unequivocally causatively linked to the beneficial and positive role of their supposedly preventive public health measures; notably and mainly through the use of their toxic vaccines.

A frequent, regular and constant propaganda piece presented and flaunted about by the media and governments in order to drive/coerce specific, preconceived narratives and evil agendas using mind crowding and encirclement.

The amplification of very small amounts of short and very common DNA segments that could easily belong to humans, bacteria and other organisms does not prove the existence of a specific microbe whatsoever.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) must not be perceived as the gold standard of diagnosis with which to assess and compare the reliability of other screening methods for the detection of Sars-Cov-2 or any other viruses. Nor could it be assumed to be a screening method.

The virus has never been isolated and purified and there are no gold standards for its detection and quantitative measurement.

Without the existence of a gold standard for the isolation, purification, detection and quantitative measurement of the virus itself; the use of terms such as true positive, true negative, false positive and false negative would be misleading. Therefore, the spouting of misnomers such as specificity, sensitivity, positive and negative predictive values in attempting to gauge the reliability and accuracy of detection of Sars-Cov-2 or any other virus using the PCR method would be leading us down a deep, long, tortuous and stenching rabbit hole.

PCR technique can not diagnose the existence of microbes.

PCR technique can not diagnose disease.

Presence of a common DNA/RNA sequence does not prove the existence of a specific gene or a specific organism.

Presence of a specific DNA/RNA sequence does not prove the existence and viability of a specific organism.

Natural and harmless RNA/DNA must not be perceived as harmful agents.

Presence of microbes does not prove the existence of disease.

Real science should be about facing the truth without flinching. It must be about honesty, integrity, unbiased enquiry and transparency. It is about thinking and reasoning and arguing. It is about abandoning false beliefs and dogmatic faith.

We must not allow agents of chaos to destroy humanity and the natural world based on fabrications.

Yes, the natural world.

Those same duplicitous people who vehemently espouse the tenets of saving humanity and our planet (not their planet alone) and reducing environmental pollution are the greatest destroyers and polluters of humanity and the natural world themselves.

They are the same minority cabal who are using Covid-19 and future microbial pandemics as a ruse and as a pretext to monopolise both power and the ownership of anything and everything of value under the sun and to try to usher in a dystopian communist world ruled through corruption, kakistocracy and absolutist controls.

A case of doublespeak and hypocrisy.

My tributes, highest regards and praise to the late Dr. Kary Mullis, the Noble Laureate, for his great mind, his scientific contributions, his integrity, incorruptibility, indefatigability and his steadfastness against the prevailing authoritarian and dogmatic systems of control and exploitation.


This article may be freely shared as long as the text is unaltered and the original author, Dr. Freedom, is clearly identified with a hyperlink back to the original article and author.