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The Great RESIST: “Wake Up Call” Documentary with World Freedom Alliance

by Oracle Films
February 4, 2021

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WAKE UP CALL | Documentary 4K | World Freedom Alliance: Copenhagen

The World Freedom Alliance gathers in Copenhagen, Denmark to bring together the world’s most prolific freedom-fighters.

Centring around a political rally of JFK21, this documentary features the latest comments from Andrew Kaufman, Catherin Austin Fitts, Dolores Cahill and many other members of the WFA in 2021.

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(See partial transcript below.)


This documentary, created by Oracle Films, features many speakers including:

  • Mads Palsvig, Former Investment Banker
  • Dr. Mikael Nordfors, Medical doctor from Sweden
  • Dr. Heiko Schoning, Medical Doctor from Germany
  • Monique Janssen, Psychologist from Holland
  • Agathe Levi Palsvig, Psychology Student
  • Maneka Helleberg, Chairman of WFA from Sweden
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., American lawyer, chairman of Children’s Health Defense
  • Mick Stott, British Army Veteran
  • Mathias Levi Palsvig, Political Party Member — JFK21
  • Prof . Dolores Cahill, Molecular Biologist & Immunologist
  • Dr. Johan Denis, Medical Doctor from Belgium
  • Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Medical Doctor & Forensic Psychiatrist from America
  • Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson, Neurologist from Germany
  • Catherine Austin Fitts, Investment Advisor & former U.S. Asst Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • Dr. Scott Jensen, Minnesota State Senator & Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Heiko Santelmann, Medical Doctor from Germany
  • Dr. Elke F. De Klerk, Medical Doctor from Netherlands
  • Justyna Walker, Political Activist & Singer/Songwriter
  • Senta Depyydt, Journalist from Belgium


The following unofficial, partial transcript is provided by Truth Comes to Light.


Dr. Mikael Nordfors

We are lots of experts here in our organization — lots of professors, nobel prize winners, doctors — and we agree on very strongly on some points like the PCR test is not reliable and the lockdown measures has no scientific background. Actually, they are proven to not work in the multiple studies published now. And still we do it. And these experts, when WHO they are paid to say a certain agenda and they don’t dare to have a debate with us. They only use censorship to silence us down. And that shows that we are right and they are wrong, because if they were right and we were wrong they could easily challenge us in a debate. And then people could decide for themselves. But we’re not even allowed to have the right to have a debate today.


Monique Janssen

And you know how the brain works, pictures go straight into our unconscious brain. We are being brainwashed wherever we go. This is not humanity. We should stop this immediately. This is child abuse. And they really believe that they have to do this in order to keep us safe because they are so loyal to us (our children). They want to keep us safe. And it’s not their job. So we have to show them what it is to be courageous, so they can mirror that. We have to show them to be loving people, to help each other, to hold hands, to make jokes, to love, to make serotonin, to make endorphins, to make dopamines, to make oxytocin. We have to show them. They learn from us how it is to be humans.


Agathe Levi Palsvig

They take us by our empathy and morals and say things like ‘keep each other safe’ and ‘follow the rules’. And, of course, an empathic person would fall for that. While these rules are getting more and more preposterous for a virus with a survival rate of 99%. We are not stupid!

Human beings are hardwired for connection and we have a fundamental need to belong. We are here to love, to connect, to learn and to be in service — something that is being made almost impossible for all of us to fulfill right now. So I just want to remind everybody that we’re not up against people who are asleep. Okay? We’re up against those people who would pay any price to keep the good people, our people, asleep. We are the minority until we become the majority. We are here to win.


Mads Palsvig

We have started the 4th of November. We copied the success from Iceland in 2008. So we are doing a lot of pots and pans noise. And we call it the clinky clunky. And the atmosphere is really something everybody should try. Because I thought we do the pots and pans to wake up the politicians, to make a statement that they don’t pay attention to the people, they don’t listen. I thought it would just be a lot of noise. But actually you get into a rhythm. And it’s actually very very pleasurable actually.


Maneka Helleberg

There is not like one scientific truth. Science is turning into religion right now. Science is not a religion. It’s not supposed to be. Science should be a discussion, an open debate. In a democracy there is a debate. Period. If we don’t have an open debate, it’s not a democracy. And that’s what we need to reclaim again, over and over.


Mads Palsvig

I’m a former investment banker and it was a total shock to me when I realized that the stories we hear about money creation was not true. But it is the privately owned banks that are creating money. And then I stumbled upon Executive Order 11110 by your uncle, John F. Kennedy, who produced money the way it should be, by the government, for the people, debt-free money.

We have now started political party where we want to issue money the same way. And also I’ve been looking on Occupy Wall Street and the Yellow Vest Movement in France, and I strongly believe that one of the reasons it’s not working is because there’s no political platform. So we are now working within the World Freedom Alliance to support and encourage political movement — so that all the movements come together.

But actually also have a plan for how we can get rid of the politicians who are starting wars left right and center, poisoning our food, our air, our water, our medicine and certainly also our vaccines.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

I’m very, very heartened by what I see happening in Denmark — the commitment to human rights, civil rights, to democracy. To resistance to this medical cartel, to the imposition of totalitarian controls and the creation of the surveillance state.

You were talking about my uncle, John Kennedy… He said the primary job of every American president is to keep the country out of war. He had been in a war himself and he saw, not only the brutality of war, but he also saw what war and global war and a waging of war does to civil society and to democracies.


Mick Stott

I’m a grandfather. I’m a father. But I’m also an ex-soldier and I served for 30 years. I’m here to speak to the veterans and the military people whom I’ve grown to love, know and help. And what I would say is that we are in danger as a police force and a group of soldiers of becoming agents. We’re becoming order followers.

And I can say this to you from the heart, the most dangerous group of people that exist today are the ones that follow orders without questioning those orders. As veterans we’ve been lied to for years. We know what that feels like. Veterans are the intermediary group of people that stand between the politicians and the people we signed up to protect and serve. As did police officers.

So what I would say to veterans, serving soldiers and the police people out there is: Remember why you signed your oath. Remember why you took that oath. And why you took the shilling. And you decided to fight abroad for these people. It’s us that are going to step in into that gap that exists — to make sure that we fulfill our promise to our communities. And to keep those communities what they’re meant to be, which is a community.

And I’m going to say to veterans out there, and you will totally understand this, but a civilian group might not understand this, I’m saying to you guys: Get ready to stand too.


Mathias Levi Palsvig

A lot of people are following orders and are wearing masks out of empathy. And they have good intentions. And they are doing it because they think that wearing a mask will help save grandma’s life. But I can tell you my grandma has been isolated for months. I call her every day and I think it is absolutely devastating that she has to be isolated.

And if I was an old man who grew up during fascism and war, I think I would take the chance and see my grandchildren. And take the chance, maybe die happy, rather than live as an isolated slave. I think that there are a lot of people here who are more qualified than I am to tell you about the virus or about law. We have here world famous immunologists, virologists, doctors, researchers. And for that reason, I would like to talk about something else.

My great-grandfather was in a concentration camp. My mother is from Moscow and, in World War II, 30 million Russians died for our freedom. And that’s only one country, from one war. Now if you look over time, all the wars, there have been in all countries, how many millions of people or probably billions of people have died for our fundamental freedom and for our rights? And I’ll be honest. It is — it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see so many people I know, so many people I love, who are willing to give away their freedom because the government tells them to do it, because of a virus.

Well, I have one thing to say: If they want to take away my rights and my freedom, they can come and take it from me — over my dead body!


Dr. Johan Denis

Trying to keep the light out on a sunny day, in a dark room, is very difficult. You really have to cover everything up, and be vigilant, because the smallest and the slightest crack will let the light in and reveal brightly what is inside. Truth is this shining light.

Therefore, every voice that speaks the truth becomes a beam of light that make all dark coverings crumble.

Dear friends, let’s be courageous. us stand firm for this truth. Those who have been misled are our brothers and sisters too. And we welcome them. We hold no grudges. We believe in unity. Let us connect to our brothers and sisters in union and rejoice our connection and togetherness.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman

We’ve been patient. We’ve been tolerant. We’ve even been, at least some of us to some degree, compliant. But this has got to end now. You’ve been on the streets telling your government this and it has worked so far. Now is the time to keep going. You have the momentum. You have the numbers. You have the heart. I’m grateful you’re standing up.

Your government has tried to oppress you with the proposed epidemic law. They want you to take the vaccine. If you refuse, they want to prohibit you from shopping, working and traveling. If that fails, they want to put you into concentration — I mean quarantine camps. If that fails, they’ll have the police force you into the camps. And if that fails, they want to have the police force you down and give you the vaccine. But you won’t let that happen.

You told them and they backed down. But you have to keep telling them because they will keep trying. As many of you know, it turns out this whole pandemic of COVID-19 is a fabricated web of deception. It is a tool of manipulation and control.

Picture for a moment that there were no news reports, no masks, no social distancing, lockdowns or store closings. Would we see that anything was different from all the past years of our collective experience? Have we seen people dying in the streets? Have we all lost people unexpectedly who are in good health? Are we burying bodies in our backyards? Or is there only the illusion of a pandemic?

At present, these tyrannical policies are based only upon so-called cases. This is not the same as when a doctor diagnoses you with an illness. To be a case, you can be completely healthy no symptoms at all. All that is required for a case is to have a positive test. You don’t need a test to tell you when someone has a fatal disease. The reason they’re using this test is to manipulate us. Let me tell you about this so-called PCR test. It stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. This test, as discussed many times by its inventor Kary Mullis, is not suited to diagnose an illness or prove the cause of a disease.

“If they could find this virus in you at all. And with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody. It starts making you believe in the sort of Buddhist notion that everything is contained in everything else. Right? I mean because if you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there’s just very few molecules that you don’t have at least one single one of them in your body. Okay? So that could be thought of as a misuse of it. Just to claim that it’s meaningful.”

It is a research and manufacturing tool. Yes — manufacturing DNA or RNA sequences. In this situation, it’s manufacturing a fake disease. So what this test actually does is make a lot of something out of a little of that something. That’s it. It takes a short sequence of DNA or RNA and replicates it over and over. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack by making that one needle magically turn into 100 million needles. Certainly you would be able to see that many. One problem is, however, that when you amplify those needles, you also amplify twigs ,spider webs, lint, pebbles, dust, ants, hair and anything else that’s close to size of the needle.

So when you see the thing in large quantities are you seeing the needles or are you seeing pebbles and twigs? According to Dr. Fauci in the United States, if you amplify more than 35 cycle thresholds then all your results are twigs and pebbles.

“If you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more that the chances of it being replication competent are minuscule. You almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle. So I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38 even 36 you got to say, you know, it’s just it’s just dead nucleotides. Period.”

But that is exactly what they’re doing in many countries — like in England where they’re using a whopping 45 cycles. All their results are junk.

But there’s more. The particular RNA sequences this test looks at are based upon a theoretical model of a theoretical virus’ genes. It uses short sequences called primers to find the target of a so-called virus. A group of researchers in Spain recently searched these primers in a special database open to the public called BLAST and found that they are identical, not only to several different human sequences, but also to as many as 100 different bacteria. That means that almost anything like a fruit, a puddle of water, a sheep, or another animal, could test positive. And, in fact, they all have.

Since bacteria are ubiquitous, virtually anything could be positive for this PCR test. But based on this fraudulent and worthless test, your rights have been compromised. The more testing that is done, the worse it has gotten and will get.

You must resist and say no to the swab. Do not get tested or allow your children or family to get tested. They control the game through testing. If they set the cycles high, the number of positives will be high. Then they will order more lockdowns and other tyrannical policies.

One of those policies is about wearing masks. In my opinion, masks are one of the most heinous parts of this crisis. They make us alienated and estranged from our brothers and sisters. They tell us to hide our identity in shame. They tell us to be afraid of our neighbors. They tell us to shut our mouths. They tell us not to smile. It’s time to throw away those masks forever.

Thanks to Danish scientists, Dr. Bundgaard et al., we now have for the first time high quality randomized controlled trial data on masks for COVID-19. After being refused by three major journals, this paper was finally published earlier this week. I must note that the authors had to write up their discussion with some ridiculous statements just to make it look more favorable to the mainstream to get published. But their scientific conclusions were very clear. There was no evidence that masks reduce infection. I repeat, no evidence. Thank you, Denmark, for this major contribution.


Dr. Mikael Nordfors

There might be some kind of new virus out there. And there is some new disease that I didn’t see so much before, so many patients. But on the other hand, it’s not hard to heal it. I for me, I know how to heal COVID-19. And you’re not allowed to talk about this. Because you can do vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, malaria medicines like hydroxychloroquine, and also awesome treatment vitamin C infusions, and the corticosteroid inhalation. And if you combine all these things and some anticoagulants very few people have to die from this disease. And if they are so bad that they die, they will probably die anyway in a couple of months. It’s undeniable now.

I mean you can see it so clearly how this totally well-known medicine hydroxychloroquine suddenly it becomes the devil and you cannot take it. I say, they will never find any vaccine that is even close to vitamin D. So you just take vitamin D and the COVID problem is solved. That’s why we don’t have any COVID in the summer because you get sun. That’s proven in many, many studies. There is a linear relationship between vitamin D level and COVID-19 mortality.


Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson

I would like to appeal to the physicians and to our leading medical groups, please show some character and some backbone. The pandemic is a medical issue and it has to be solved medically. Please stop the madness and behave professionally.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

If you say to yourself, who are the people who are censoring our debate? All of those people are the people who are making money on the lockdown. Facebook. You know they have permanently bankrupted half the businesses in America [voice from audience: “and in Europe”].

And what’s happening, these are all small businesses. And guess who’s replacing them? Amazon. What’s happening now is a giant shift in wealth from the middle class in America, which is being obliterated and disempowered. And our constitutional rights are being robbed. That wealth is being shifted to this very rich group of robber barons from Silicon Valley, and from the banking industry, and from the pharmaceutical industry, and the medical cartel.


Mads Palsvig

The harsh reality is that our media — they are lying to us. And the government is also lying. They are collaborators with foreign powers. But it’s clear that there has been a coup d’etat in every single country in the world. Who benefits? It seems to be the large multinational corporations and the super rich. And the people who are decimated and destroyed is the middle class.


Catherine Austin Fitts

What they are doing is moving to destroy as much independent income as possible. Because independent income is what has been supporting the democratic process. And if they can force everybody onto their centralized, or centrally-controlled, transaction systems, then they can proceed to have complete control. So they don’t want independent producers, they don’t want independent income. They want a centralized control.

So, since March 2019, global billionaires are up 27% net worth and hundreds of thousands of small businesses and farms have been put out of business. And that’s not an accident. That’s intentional. What you’re trying to do is shift all the income into your platforms, starve your enemy, and basically put them in a position where they’re dependent.

I think one of the things that has made it difficult for all of us to push back on this is they’re working on multiple tracks. The central bankers are working on one track. The pharmaceutical companies are working another track. The military is working another track. The tech guys are working in another track. The telecommunications people are working in another track. And if you’re not integrating across all those silos, you don’t see how the vision is going to come together in the future.

You know, so this is a battle about everything, if you will. But it comes down to two visions. One is a vision of humans who are sovereign under what I would describe as divine intelligence or authority. And the other is humans are a resource, like a barrel of oil. So it’s transhumanism technocracy against freedom and belief that we are capable of civilization.


Heiko Schoning

We are free people. We do have the choice to choose the freedom or to choose a tyranny. And, I kid you not. Nobody should say that he was not informed because it’s all written in a book. They call it “COVID-19 The Great Reset”. Do we want this? We are the Great Resist!


Dr. Scott Jensen

Edmund Burke said something like this: “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.”

I’m so glad that you’re not doing nothing. You’re addressing a contrarian narrative. You’re questioning the conventional narrative. You’re seeing data corrupted and saying ‘why?’. You’re seeing individual rights stripped away from people and saying ‘why?’. And you’re seeing transparency absolutely thrown out the window and you’re saying ‘why?’.

I have absolute confidence that at some point in time the truth will come out. What price will we pay along the way? I’m not certain. We’ve already paid a price.

We’ve shut down schools and damaged children’s education at a level we may never be able to quantify. We have put in place policies that have encouraged mental health despair and suicide. We have caused people to postpone critical health care needs, including the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart disease, and many other human maladies. These are dark days. But I’m absolutely confident that we will get through this.

And a big part of the reason I share that confidence with you today is because you matter. Your motivation, your willingness to get up and do something, to speak to the issue, to leave your home and the comfort of it, and demonstrate or speak out. This matters.


Dr. Mikael Nordfors

Most decisions should be made on the individual level, as low level as possible. And the politicians are only those decisions when it’s really necessary. For example, vaccinating children for COVID-19 is absolutely bullshit.


Dr. Heiko Santelmann

Nobody needs a vaccine which is not a vaccine. But everybody needs hugs and fresh air, vitamin D-3 and zinc.


Dr. Elke F. De Klerk

The government seems to want to own our bodies and is putting laws in place to take away our human rights, take away our bodily integrity. They want to vaccinate us. They want to track and trace us. It is a torture and a humiliation for humanity. And we are going to stop it.


Prof. Dolores Cahill

If you paid me one million, I wouldn’t take it. If you paid me 10 million, I wouldn’t take it. I would go to prison first. And if somebody vaccinates me, I will be suing them for attempted murder.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

You know, we have a First Amendment in our country that protects freedom of speech. And we were the first nation to have that. The founders of my country did not pass the First Amendment to protect speech when it is convenient, when it doesn’t offend anybody, when it’s safe.

The First Amendment is there to protect speech when it’s obnoxious, when it’s dangerous, when people don’t want to hear it. That’s why we have rights.

We have religious rights. Not when everybody likes the same religion but when you don’t like that religion. They have to right anyway.

We have the right to assembly. Not when we like your protest or when we don’t, when the government doesn’t like your protest. That’s why we have it — when they say the protest is dangerous because there’s a pandemic.

That’s what the First Amendment is for. It’s not there to protect protests that everybody agrees with. It’s there to protect the protest that nobody agrees with — a minority.


And then everybody says ‘well, trust the experts.’

I can tell you something. For 40 years I’ve been suing chemical companies and oil companies and big polluters like Monsanto. When we go to court, they have an expert there. And if you listen to that guy, you’re going to believe everything they say — because they’re smart and they have credentials. Luckily, we get to bring our experts in who shows our data. And the jury gets to decide.

On any issue that you have, there’s experts diametrically opposed to each other. You can’t say trust the experts. … So, let’s have some democracy. Let’s have an open debate. Anything they tell us to do is illegitimate if it is not the product of open debate and democratic process. Let’s debate it and let’s find out the truth.

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