The Irrational and the Diabolical — A New Form of Evil Has Arrived 

The Irrational and the Diabolical
A New Form of Evil Has Arrived 

by Mark McDonald, MD, Dissident MD
August 25, 2022


On December 29, 2021, I published my first Substack article, titled “Sadism.” I described what I saw as a disturbing trend in the pandemic of fear and irrationality—Americans taking pleasure in the suffering of others. I explained that it’s one thing to live in fear of your own safety but something altogether different to use that fear as a justification to torture and abuse others. The most egregious cases of this new sadism, as I called it, involved children as victims. If Americans are willing to intentionally sacrifice children on the altar of fear (with a smile on their face), what are they not willing to destroy? How are we now any different than the primitive Aztec and Mayan tribes who slaughtered their victims on physical altars on behalf of their own gods?

We have become them—primitives ruled by sadists. Irrational fear has now been harnessed by a new evil. And I cannot explain it psychologically. Unlike robbery, rape, and some forms of murder, this new crime wave confers no obvious benefit on the criminal. Its only function is to destroy what is good. And it being done by a very sick group of Americans who take pleasure in it.

This new evil is diabolical. Its primary target appears to be American children. The perpetrators are overwhelmingly women.

A majority of parents have turned their backs on the mRNA injections for their children. Millions of doses have now been destroyed, as it is inarguable that no children are dying from the Chinese Wuhan virus or any of its progeny. To the murderers’ great disappointment, the children may actually survive. So what’s next?

What’s next is scaring American parents into believing that unless they agree to chemically castrate and surgically mutilate their children, they can expect their children to commit suicide. This is what teachers, therapists, and doctors say when parents challenge the “gender fluidity” of their children. An entire industry, starting with teachers and ending with pediatricians and surgeons, has developed to brainwash impressionable children and adolescents into believing that the source of their normal developmental emotional challenges is the fact that they are actually the opposite sex, born in the wrong body.

Recently, the sick and truly evil nature of this movement has been exposed through actual advertisements (available online) of “gender affirming” clinics at renowned teaching hospitals in the US, such as Boston Children’s Hospital and the Yale School of Medicine. Boston Children’s Hospital, which offers double mastectomies and vaginoplasty to minors, encourages its “trans” patients to participate in the HOTT program, where adult men teach boys how to tuck their penis with medical tape to make it look like a vagina…until the boys are old enough to have it cut off and turned into a “real” vagina. The director of the Yale Pediatric Gender Program proudly treats children as young as three years old how to navigate their “gender journey.” Both program directors are women.

Where does this lead? In other countries it leads to lawsuits. Great Britain recently shut down the Tavistock gender identity clinic in London after hundreds of patients and their families complained about abuse, fraud, and medical injury from therapeutic brainwashing, cross-sex hormone developmental injury, and irreversible damage from surgical mutilation. Some patients are now sterile. All are emotionally unwell, if not psychiatrically ill. The British have rightly pushed back against this tide of child abuse.

Here in the US, we continue to encourage it. The American Medical Association voted last year to support the removal of sex designation on US passports. The American Academy of Pediatrics awarded “best research paper of the year” to a flawed study by a corrupt doctor who claimed that social contagion has nothing to do with the explosion in transgenderism among children, that “transitioning” children reduces suicide, and that any attempts by “conservative states” to regulate puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgeries in children should be resisted. The Democrat party actively pushes legislation aimed at removing all parental legal authority from making decisions on a child’s behalf, leaving decision-making up to the state, which is run by Democrats and those they appoint to do their bidding. Rendered compliant through fear and loyalty to the party, Democrat voters offer no resistance. Only in Republican-controlled states such as Florida do voting parents fight back with enough force to contain the cancer’s spread.

Nearly all the doctors, therapists, and teachers who promote this abuse are women. That this evil is being perpetrated and encouraged primarily by women is a disturbing sign that we have thoroughly lost our way in this country. That anyone, especially women, would delight in the abuse of children bodes poorly for our future. And I cannot explain this sickness as simply a mental illness. It is something more. It is sinister. What I can explain, though, is how it is sustained and what it feeds off of—fear. A courageous people would identify, fight, and cleanse this evil from their nation. We are doing none of that. We are still living in fear.

Perhaps we need an exorcism.


Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Freedom From Fear: A 12 Step Guide to Personal and National Recovery


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