The Onslaught of Life

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by Zen Gardner
April 6, 2017


Taking time so pressed on me
I wrestle with the space
Delving deep in unknown hells
Protection is displaced

The clearing, haunting memories
While falling deep within
The veil twixt here and there, I see
Grows ever more so thin

Time travels, ‘spite it’s ‘phemera
Well beyond fantasmic din
A sliding scale of slipp’ry slime
Illusions at their whim

“Time will tell” the organ cries
How shallow, absolute
Reality, it never dies
Illusions, such, are moot

We march on to infinity
Yet timelessness is here
This mortal coil, and 3-D foil
Are frauds, yet held so dear

We soldier on, awake or not
Survival is our meme
While all about are screams and cries
To ignore yet stays the theme

I cannot say what time we share
The question’s oh so large
I only know that I am here
‘Twixt specters once enlarged

I’m here, that’s really all I know
I’ve tried so very hard
To grasp and understand this life
“Keep looking”, cries the bard

Though crystals hidden deep within
Give hint to inner truths
Be not deceived by lose or win
Say teachings of the sooths

Still nothing jives, I realize
A paradox sublime
Perhaps this isn’t even real
More likely, not my time.

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