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The Pandemic Puzzle – #1 The Money


image credit: WikiMedia Commons — A painting in the public domain because of its age.


by Senta Depuydt, Children’s Health Defense Europe
October 12, 2021


Have you asked yourself why? Why are our governments not listening to us?

Every time I hear men and women, doctors, lawyers, teachers or shopkeepers lamenting the fact that they have not been listened to and that we have not acted intelligently and humanely, I feel desperate.

For months, people have called on clumsiness, ignorance or panic reactions to justify all the catastrophic decisions that have been taken by our leaders. Today everyone can see that ‘pandemic response’ of the governments of this planet looks more like a controlled demolition exercise than an effort to serve people intelligently and humanely.

I regularly hear intellectuals and scientists say ‘I refuse to believe that…’. Why put such limits on ourselves? It is not a question of believing, but of allowing ourselves to see and reflect, because this is the necessary condition to be free and to become masters of our destiny.

The current situation forces us to rethink the world by moving from the details of personal experience, which confirm or contradict our prior beliefs, to an overall view that results from a collective intelligence effort. It is like a puzzle where you have to look at the details and then step back to see the bigger picture.

Have you ever done a puzzle with friends? When I was a student, I remember inviting friends to put together this painting by Breughel the Elder, known as the ‘Flemish Proverbs’.  The special thing about this picture was that you not only had to assemble the thousands of pieces, but also guess the proverbs that the painter had illustrated. It was so fascinating that my living room soon became a campground for puzzle addicts and the whole affair then turned into a kind of ongoing fiesta that everyone probably still remembers.

Looking at this masterpiece again, 30 years later, it seems to me to be quite appropriate to describe the current situation. It has all the elements of madness and of an emerging chaos, hence I suddenly got the idea to invite you to a game where we can put together a ‘pandemic puzzle’.

What we are experiencing reveals multiple agendas prepared a long time ago by ‘the powers that be’. You only have to look at the World Economic Forum (Davos) website to get a first glimpse of this ‘planned reset’. Personally, I have been following the evolution of the ‘global health security agenda’ for several years and I was frankly expecting a major pandemic declaration for winter 2020. I even published a major dossier on ‘the global plan for vaccination’ in March 2019 (Nexus Magazine, issue 121), in which I discussed the use of ‘health emergencies’ to impose vaccine obligations and a health pass, the only strategy to override the individual freedoms guaranteed by our fundamental rights.

Certainly I had an element of understanding, but I was missing many others. Since then, I have delved into many subjects to discover the hidden side: all the agendas linked to the state of emergency… terrorism, climate, humanitarian aid, finance, resources, technology, propaganda techniques, artificial intelligence, intelligence services, criminal files, secret organisations etc. I have also been lucky enough to meet an incredible number of exceptional people who have enriched my world view. And it is thanks to this work of collective intelligence that my view of history and humanity has changed on many levels and that I can try to make sense of it.

The first piece of the puzzle I want to bring is the ‘Going Direct Reset’. It describes the monetary and financial coup labelled ‘economic response to the pandemic’ that was initiated as early as August 2019, 6 months before the the WHO made the official declaration of a pandemic. It provides some answers to these incredible questions: why would our governments push whole sections of our economy into ruin? Who benefits from all this? Is there any other picture than the simple enrichment of some at the expense of others?

I found the proverb that corresponds to this first theme in Breughel’s painting:

English translation: “The big fish eat the little ones.”

In economic terms, three groups already own everything.

In practice, Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street impose their choices on governments for maximum profit.  Watch the 2 minute gem on Blackrock which sums up their modus operandi perfectly.

The ultimate goal of the changes made ‘because of’ the pandemic is to be able to decide and control everything ‘live’. 

The pandemic serves as a pretext for a complete transformation of the monetary system for the benefit of private interests that have a stranglehold on national and international public institutions.

The journalist Ernst Wolff, a specialist in finance, denounces in a brilliant synthesis the use of the coronavirus and the attempt to force a transition to the fourth industrial revolution preached by the World Economic Forum in Davos. The direct and automated control of the population in every place at every moment could only be achieved with a digital central currency, allowing the sanctioning of individuals.

John Titus and Catherine Austin Fitts have detailed the entire financial manoeuvre to make this shift to direct control, starting with the decisions made at the central bank meeting in Jackson Hole on 22 August 2019, six months before the pandemic.

In one and a half minutes, Agustin Carstens, President of the International Bank of Settlements (in Basel), confirms that the difference between digital central bank money and cash is that you know who is doing what with your money at each transaction and that you can set the rules for the use of the money…

To give a simple example: you could very well be forbidden to buy steak and chips if you have just bought cholesterol medication. We could also close your account for a fortnight if you have not respected the quarantine, or prohibit you from putting petrol in your car to reduce your carbon footprint. Such measures have already been discussed, just look at what the Bank of England is saying.

What can be done to change the course of events?

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this.  Paying cash, investing in real life, decentralising… For inspiration, we can enjoy the discussions between the funny, brilliant, incisive personalities of Catherine Austin Fitts, Richard WernerJohn Titus and James Corbett.


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