The Stars, They Do Not Matter No Mo’

The Stars, They Do Not Matter No Mo’

by Michael Clarage, Michael’s Newsletter
January 22, 2024


The 8 sides of the Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza has encoded the size and shape of the Earth, distance to the Sun, precession of the equinox, etc. Every decade someone discovers a new astronomical fact encoded in the Great Pyramid. I was there and left the tour group to look around, and found the entire structure is placed on top of a foundation of 500-800 ton precision cut stones. Seemed to me that the pyramid was a recent construction compared to that foundation. And still we have no idea how all this was built.

All the ancient monuments are found to be precisely aligned with the stars. As if it mattered. Why does it no longer matter to us?

All those civilizations that existed prior to 10,000 BC are gone. Evidence is flooding in ( pun intended ) that all were wiped out by a cataclysm. Each new geological discovery increases the scale of this cataclysm. All these wiped out people cared SO MUCH about Earth’s relation to the stars. Why does all that make ABSOLUTELY no difference to us now?

JWST can detect the atmosphere composition of invisible stars!

The average man-on-the-street can see on his phone the latest images from the James Webb Telescope of 13 billion year old galaxies, and explore the chemical composition of the newest Brown Dwarf stars; but the man has absolutely no sense or thought that any of it makes the slightest difference. This is not “a failure of educators to make science relevant”. This is a cultural blind spot. The rest of the cosmos is less important to us than some 19th century weird curio cabinet.

From what I can gather, one of the purposes of these ancient monuments was to tell the people when the next galactic current sheet was passing through our solar system, hence telling us when the next cataclysm was coming. If not exactly this, then something of that nature and time-scale. This is why Gobekli Tepe was intentionally buried: they knew SHTF was coming, they buried their stuff in hopes survivors would one day find it, and get a leg up on the next end of times. I wonder if they imagined it would be 12 thousand years later.

There is also a spiritual dimension to all this. A people like ours that has no need of the stars must feel separate from the stars. We have lost touch with the stars in ourselves. By design, some part of ourselves has come from the stars, used to live in the stars, still lives in the stars ( linear time verb tense fails here ). From that point of view, the most important fact about us is precisely this starry connection: what the heck are we doing all the way down here on this cold, dark, dense planet? If that question mattered more, then we would not need public relations writers to make the JWST relevant. If that question still mattered probably a lot of things would be different.


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