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Source:  Jason Goodman
November 11, 2018

James & Joanne Moriarty Share the Truth About Hillary Clinton’s War In Libya

James & Joanne Moriarty were successful independent business operators, selling their unique oil well restoration system throughout Libya for many years. They established close personal relationships during the time they spent there and understand Libyan culture and customs intimately. General Michael Flynn has said they’ve provided the best intelligence the U.S. has received.

The story they tell is vastly different than what you have heard. Their detailed account of unmitigated evil will chill you to your soul. The harassment they have been subjected to since their return to Texas will frighten you beyond words.

This interview was originally recorded live on November 11, 2018 at John B. Wells Operation Classified in Dallas, TX

Visit James and Joanne’s Website – www.http://libyanwarthetruth.com/

Visit Operation Classified – https://www.operationclassified.com/

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