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Who’s Doing This? A Conversation with Richard Dolan

“But what that means, Richard, is that power on this planet is phenomenally centralized. Phenomenally centralized. And that is compatible with an open, not a closed economy. I say this because I think it is so extraordinary that you and I live on a planet with these other well-educated intelligent people and we have no idea what the governance structure on our planet is. It’s secret.”

~ Catherine Austin Fitts


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by Catherine Austin Fitts, The Solari Report
June 5, 2020


Something serious just happened. The Pentagon confirmed a series of UFO videos. Let’s look at what this means.

First, the U.S. government does not have information sovereignty. The U.S. President cannot speak with a foreign leader without 17 intelligence agencies, their foreign counterparts, and perhaps a telecom company or two listening in and leaking highlights of the conversation.

Second, the U.S. government does not have financial sovereignty. The U.S. Treasury depends on a group of private banks who run their accounts to market trillions in debt, but whose real amount outstanding and ownership continue to be mysteries. With the adoption of FASAB 56 in late 2018, the Treasury shifted out of a sovereign model on a formal basis.

Now, the Department of Defense, where over $20 trillion has gone missing over the last 20 years—an amount almost as great as the official U.S. debt—has stated publicly that it does not control U.S. air space. Many people have known about this for a long time—but the Pentagon just said it publicly. In other words, despite an annual official expenditure of $738 billion and average annual undocumentable adjustments of $1 trillion, the U.S. Department of Defense does not control U.S. air space and is not saying who does.

This raises a vital question: Who does control U.S. air space, and what does that have to do with the rapid centralization of political and economic control underway? As a financial matter, there is another question: What is the value of a sovereign bond—such as a U.S. Treasury bond—if the country that issues it is not sovereign, despite receiving trillions of dollars a year in taxes and investment from pensions and retirement accounts?

This week, leading ufologist Richard Dolan returns to The Solari Report to describe the Pentagon’s statement, discussing why it is important and what it may mean given the unusual events of 2020.

Who’s really in charge here? Is it the guys with the high-tech spaceships? Or is it the guys who own a lot of our debt? Or are they one and the same guys? This is an important question. With incomes devastated by the politically engineered shutdown of the global economy, governments and citizens of the world are falling into a debt trap. This means that central bankers and invisible creditors will increasingly control. Contract tracing may be their vehicle to kidnap children and steal assets. Riots may be a way of getting rid of the police who protect you and me. It would be nice to know who these people behind the scenes are.


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