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by DarkJournalist
July 25, 2020



“In my investigations into political assassinations, i found something absolutely incredible – that the covert forces behind the assassinations, right down to the patsies that they selected, were directly associated with advanced technology and the UFO file.

Now I’ve referred to this as X-Technology because of an obscure naming mechanism called x-steganography that is utilized when it is moved through various government agencies.

I found evidence for a group that we will call X-Protect that employs lethal means to hide the secret X-Technology in the UFO file.

Now X-Protect exists in the shadowy corridor where the intelligence community meets with secret aerospace defense contractors.

I’m going to present breakthrough evidence that will show clearly that the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, which changed the ruling structure of America and the world, were directly connected to X-Protect.

The impact on our lives — economically, geopolitically, technologically, psychologically, and even spiritually — from these events, cannot be overstated.

This information has been hiding in plain sight for decades. The startling revelations around their activities and the direct correlation between the UFO file assassins and the X-Technology will be revealed here for the first time in great detail and will change our understanding of history forever.”

“The X-steganography of SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin show that these groups are ready to unleash what has been in development since Hughes Aerospace started down the road of immense secrecy.

The Trump administration creation of the Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed services is also an attempt to pull the X Technology back under presidential control.  X Protect has thrived in secrecy and have utilized the X Technology in the UFO file at the public’s expense.

For decades, the world at large has not had access to the UFO information that’s been withheld by a vast power structure sitting in the strange partnership between the CIA on one side and the aerospace defense contractors on the other.

It is, in fact, a covert government that has usurped the public overt government and put in place the perfect storm of a global control grid that’s being built with no oversight but lots of unlimited dollars — thanks to the missing trillions at The Pentagon, HUD and NASA.

X-Protect has been there every step of the way. And now we hear from the same partnership between the CIA and the aerospace defense companies that UFOs are a threat and must be added to an already bloated defense budget.

And the New York Times runs stories with CIA officials claiming they will give the public UFO disclosure. That soft disclosure means that X-Protect is in a position to roll out the X-Technology — which means the world is a more dangerous place than ever before.

As we remember those who have fallen while fighting X-Protect, we must remember we can move our culture forward by destroying the wall of secrecy erected by these covert organizations.

The only way we can do it is to expose X-Protect and the lethal means that they’ve used to control every aspect of society. In the final analysis, if we are to understand the power structure on planet earth, we must understand X-Protect and hold them accountable for their actions.”

~ Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist


Breakthrough Documentary Includes:

  • Pascagoula UFO Incident
  • UFO File
  • Howard Hughes UFO Secret
  • Litton Industries
  • Lockheed Defense Contractors
  • False Disclosure
  • Aerospace Hidden Technology
  • Aerospace Assassins
  • Thane Eugene Cesar


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