A Call for Sacred Boycott

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A Call for Sacred Boycott

by Robert Cinque
Contributing Writer, Truth Comes to Light
May 17, 2020


It is completely obvious to absolutely everyone that we have the Right to Life and the Right to Defend it.

Our Republic is based on this most fundamental principle.  We have the right and the duty to own what is ours. Our life and our right to defend it is our most sacred property.

Therefore, we are authorized to reject and ignore any and all persons or institutions that say otherwise.

A Sacred Boycott is when we refuse to do business with anyone who does not respect our Life, our Rights and our Property.

I am putting the President and the NIH, Governor Jay Inslee, and the traitors who passed HR 6666 on notice: that when you come to test me or vaccinate me, please bring body bags for both you and me.

That’s because a forced test or vaccination is an assault with a deadly weapon and it will reluctantly be met with the minimum force required to protect the Precious.

The agenda behind vaccinations and 5G and digital currency is satanism and fascism at its worst.

The presence of a virus in my body is not proof of anything. Those who say so have the burden of proof.

Until that proof is provided, there will be no compliance from me.

I hereby Boycott absolutely everything that has to do with sub human agendas, false assumptions masquerading as science, tests which produce FALSE POSITIVES, and DNA altering, extremely toxic vaccines.

This line in the sand is a litmus test that everyone can use to evaluate their own positions.

Please consider it deeply and choose wisely, with your best interests at heart, and ours.

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