What Is in the Jabs?

What Is in the Jabs?

by Library of Atlantis
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May 4, 2024


There does not seem to be much of a consensus about this. Lots pf people still saying that the mRNA is altering our DNA. DNA is irrelevant but the processes which alter DNA can cause permanent and inheritable damage.

Damage seems to be done sometimes months after the shots and the body itself is building spike protein or white clots or something bad elsewhere

Stefan Lanka is saying that the RNA does no damage as it breaks down quickly in the body and it cannot be an inorganic toxin as it would either get expelled or have an immediate toxic effect. So he doesn’t seem to think that toxins are stored for a later detox and he is going for biological-conflict.

The technology used to produce particularly the RNA vaccines is very similar to that used to produce GMO. Toxins are introduced into biological material and this results in effects (usually bad) that can span several generations.

Injecting the blood of black chickens into white chickens gave offspring that had inherited a tendency to produce black feathers: https://library-of-atlantis.com/2023/06/10/telegony/

So ‘genetic’ information can be permanently transmitted by injection into the bloodstream but it has little to do with DNA. The active ‘ingredient’ is a piece of bio-field containing morphological information harmful to human health. This consists of a scalar-wave complex that is invisible and unmeasurable. Whatever its origins it is modified by the manufacturing process in a wholly unpredictable manner.

This information becomes integrated into the body bio-field and may cause trouble at any time, thereby explaining the delay between jab and effects. No lab test will be able to detect or characterise this information.

We don’t really know anything and there is no way of telling if the antipathetic field will or could ever be expelled or neutralised. We cannot therefore say if things will get better or worse for the jabbed or their children.


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