Alec Zeck With Brandon Joe Williams: Taxation, U.S. Citizenship & Escaping the Matrix

Alec Zeck With Brandon Joe Williams: Taxation, U.S. Citizenship & Escaping the Matrix

by Alec Zeck, The Way Forward
April 9, 2024


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In this insightful episode of The Way Forward, Alec engages in a deep conversation with Brandon Joe Williams, author, securities attorney, and foreign national of The Amnesty Coalition.

Key Discussion Points:

Understanding Common Law and Status Connection: Brandon delves into the intricacies of common law, status connection, and how definitions were redefined post-1865 to blur the lines between personhood and corporate entities.

Misinterpretations and Confusion: They explore the misinterpretation of terms like “strawman” and the cloud cover of confusion surrounding the 14th amendment.

Bridging the Gap: Brandon discusses bridging the gap between common law status correction space and the mindsets of Voluntaryism and Anarcho Capitalism.

Contracts and Engagement: The conversation touches upon contracts, how individuals can engage better as natural persons, and the psychological warfare employed by certain entities to make individuals contribute and defend.

Incorporation and Escaping the Matrix: Brandon sheds light on incorporating the US government into the District of Columbia and strategies for navigating taxation, US citizenship, and escaping the metaphorical matrix.

Brandon Joe Williams brings a distinct perspective honed through personal encounters with legal complexities. This firsthand experience infuses his insights with a raw authenticity, offering listeners a compelling narrative intertwined with profound legal understanding.


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Truth Comes to Light editor’s note:

For additional background on Common Law and clarifying the difference between a national and a U.S. citizen, see the following books available in free PDF format. TCTL will soon have a dedicated page with links to resources related to common law and personal freedom.

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