Another Dictatorial Election: What Have You Done, and Why Are You Still So Blind?

Another Dictatorial Election: What Have You Done, and Why Are You Still So Blind?

by Gary D. Barnett
November 9, 2022


“I have never voted in my life… I have always known and understood that the idiots are in a majority so it’s certain they will win.”

~ Louis-Ferdinand Céline


Voting for masters to rule over you is the epitome of consensual enslavement. It is nothing more than a state coup pretending to allow you to choose which possessed and predetermined contestants will become the next enforcers of the totalitarian agenda of power and control over the people who voluntarily accept each and every surrogate master as legitimate. This is especially true of presidential elections, and those of the higher positions in government, but all elections of politicians fits this description. Nothing could be more asinine, more ignorant, or more pathetic, than such a display as this, and yet this deceitful trickery is not only fully sanctioned by the masses, but is held sacred, and considered a glorified right. How could such a state of unintelligent and unconscious lunacy capture the minds of so many for so long? Has voting improved this country, made it more free, stopped tyranny and war, or saved it from brutal rule? Of course not! Just the opposite has occurred.

The very idea of any ‘choosing’ of a ruler, one to control not only your life, but the life of others, runs completely contrary to any aspect of freedom or right. The entire process is antagonistic to liberty and free choice, and is the embodiment of voluntary servitude. I do realize that such a pronouncement as this is blasphemy to most of society; that in and of itself, this truth is disturbing beyond imagination to the herd, because to be blind to the reality of voluntary, universal, and collective slavery, is to be blind to the essence of life itself.

In the U.S., the midterm elections are upon us, and the mainstream, and even much, if not most, of the alternative and ‘libertarian’ coverage, will be all-consuming, and therefore an acknowledgment, acceptance, and justification of this horrendous process. Win or lose matters not, (we all lose) as the game must be played in order to forever fool the fools. Whether intended or not, this reporting on the importance of who won and who lost, who gained power and who did not, who will become the ruling majority and minority, simply will be used to legitimize the rule of government over all, regardless of the inherent tyranny that continues to embrace entirely this society. It grows and grows, and is everlasting; a tragedy to be sure.

If the Republicans win, the Democrats will claim that the Republicans will destroy the country, and if the Democrats win, the Republicans will claim that the Democrats will do the same, and both will be correct, because neither can function in any ruling capacity without destroying the country and its people. In fact, they work completely together as one, and the outcome is always that the people give up all, while the ruling class only takes. That is the nature of government, and it is also the nature of  rulers and politicians involved in that government. There will be absolutely no difference in outcome regardless of the results of this ‘election,’ and regardless of who claims or gains power. If our long history of war and tyranny, loss of freedom, consuming surveillance of the citizenry, destruction of the economy, censorship, mandates, and total regulation and restriction of everything we do, cannot expose this clearly enough, the only conclusion to reach is that mass ignorance is at such a high level, that no hope of understanding our problems will ever be known or accepted by this dumbed-down society.

The first election held in the Americas was probably in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia. That election happened almost immediately after what is referred to as “landing in the New World.” Interesting language to be sure, as we are still in the throes of the dastardly plot to build a ‘New World Order’ by those in the ruling class. The election to choose a president of Great Britain’s first permanent settlement in the Americas was held, and “although the nominees were ‘predetermined’ and only a select, privileged few—just 6% of the colonists—were allowed to vote, the stage had been set for the birth of democracy in what would become America. For the first time, leaders were chosen by those they would govern—or at least by some of them.”

Not much has changed since the birth of tyranny in this country, as even the first vote was a political scam, and should have been recognized as such at the time. I am aware that more are allowed to vote today than in that first selection of predetermined ‘nominees,’ but in reality, the structure today is as corrupt, criminal, and predetermined, if not more so, than it was in the beginning. It is just more hidden. Voting is and has always been, a way of deceit; claiming that one vote for each of the multitude of citizens, determines a say in the running of the country for each individual. How ridiculous, but it is even more absurd than is realized. Voting is not only meant to fool the people into believing they have a say when they do not, it is a way of guaranteeing the loyalty of the majority of commoners to the state, as they are tricked into believing that they can petition those who they elect to do their bidding. This usually results in extortion; state stealing by force the assets of some to benefit others, restrictive legislation, protectionist practices, monopoly, and mandates, and this was planned all along. This causes extreme division, and simply gives ammunition to the governing tyrants, so that they can more easily control the herd. It is just a heinous ruse and nothing more.

At this juncture, it is necessary to point out to those staunch constitutionalists, and believers in government, that there is little if any difference in a democracy, a republic, or a socialist, fascist, or communist state; as all are bent on achieving the exact same outcome. All of these claimed political structures, are based on a governing system ruling over the people. Any differences are only at the margin, as every political system of rule is meant only to lead to more and more power and control, which can then only conclude with a system of totalitarian domination. Voting propaganda has been used to fool the people into believing that they control the outcome, when they have never been in any position of complete control over their own lives when any governing system was present. When government exists, real freedom does not, and the concept of government is that of governing, not serving. This is not hidden from any who have the intellect to search for honest answers. The very meaning of the word govern, as the Latin root of our language undoubtedly reveals, is rule or control, and that is all that government, any government, desires.

It is thought by the majority, this due to brainwashing and indoctrination since birth, that voting is a sacred right. This is nonsense, and a very incorrect and imbecilic way of thinking. Because of this hypnotic state of confusion that consumes most in this country, and the completely irrational behavior and voting propaganda commonly accepted, most think those who choose not to vote do not have a say in their own lives. This is of course asinine and completely backward, as those who vote to choose masters to rule over them, condone and legitimize slavery at the hands of the state, and are therefore the problem. Those who choose not to vote on the other hand, are negating the government and its system of brutal rule, and are not complicit in placing the evil criminal rulers into power. Therefore, they are the only ones who do have a right to complain, and the only ones who attempt to minimize the system of rule.

Voting has occurred in this country for 415 years, and we now live in the least free era of this country’s entire history. Why do so many continue to participate, and therefore authorize, this abhorrent rule by continuing to support this election madness by voting? Once again, I must refer to a popular quote that is obviously true, but mostly ignored, and it is this: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

Supporting the state in any of its efforts to claim power is an act of cowardice in the face of tyranny, and voting for your political masters is the epitome of that state support. Shun the state at every opportunity, never comply with its mandates, never show or sing praise to it or its corrupt institutions, and never allow it to own and control you. If no one voted, no one would be elected, and that is a better way forward.

“Tear down that flaunting lie,

Half-mast the starry flag,

Insult no sunny sky

With hate’s polluted rag.”

As noted about the American Flag by Admiral Raphael Semmes–CSN, Captain of the ALABAMA: “Memoirs of Service Afloat” (p.90)


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