Australian Aboriginal Elder Dies in Howard Springs Quarantine Facility

Australian Aboriginal Elder Dies in Howard Springs Quarantine Facility

by David Cole (Lumpa Lumpa)
December 18, 2021


Original video available at Lumpa Lumpa YouTube channel.

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Elder dies in Howard Springs Quarantine Facility Darwin after plea’s for help by family were ignored for 12 hours.

The elder and her family were kept in the quarantine facility for up to 4 weeks despite being fully vaccinated.

There has been no mainstream media reporting and the only report we could find is a clear cover up to avoid the responsibility as they claim “it is unclear whether the woman was a repatriated Australian or whether she was from within Australia”; when the woman was taken from her homelands in Robinson River and placed into the facility by the government themselves.

In this video there are interviews and conversations with a cousin and the daughter of the woman who passed who gave consent for these recordings and story to be shared.

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