British Army to Begin Testing, Barcoding & “Securing” Children Without Parental Consent

Covid19: British Army to Begin Testing Children Without Parental Consent

by Kit Knightly, OffGuardian
November 7, 2020


The Liverpool-based Broadgreen International School is in the “privileged position” of running a pilot scheme with Public Health England that will:

  • Bring in the military to run Covid19 tests.
  • Test children without getting parental consent first.
  • Identify each individual with a “unique barcode”.
  • “Isolate” and “secure” anyone who tests positive.

It’s all pretty bleak reading. Here is a link to it on the school website. You can also read the letter here:

And we suggest you download a copy, just in case they try and retract it.

This is one scheme at one school for now, but there’s no reason to assume it will stay that way. The only way to guarantee it doesn’t spread is to denounce it, loudly.

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cover image credit Eukalyptus / Pixabay