Chemtrails Exposed: The Coal Fly Ash / Fluoride Connection

Chemtrails Exposed: The Coal Fly Ash / Fluoride Connection


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Chemtrails Exposed: The Coal Fly Ash / Fluoride Connection 

by Peter A. Kirby, Activist Post
May 30, 2023


The author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project provides compelling evidence indicating that the chemtrails so often seen in today’s skies most commonly consist of coal fly ash. For many reasons, the injection of fluoride into local drinking water supplies is a similar phenomenon. Although there are prima facie similarities, we find deeper and darker connections, once again going back to the original WWII Manhattan Project.

The injection of fluoride into our drinking water is analogous to the injection of coal fly ash into our atmosphere in that both of these substances are toxic waste byproducts of heavy industry. These wastes would be expensive to dispose of properly, but global corporations can apparently sell both of these wastes for use in water fluoridation as well as for the spraying of chemtrails. That’s their idea of turning lemons into lemonade. It all mass murders populations and devastates our environment, but it’s apparently good for big business.

The other piece of prima facie evidence linking chemtrails to fluoride is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) whistleblower Craig Davis noting that fluoride in our drinking water works synergistically with other environmental toxins to become much more deadly inside our bodies. Christopher Bryson, the author of The Fluoride Deception (the book upon which most of this article is based) also notes this effect. But Davis has gone further and noted that fluoridated water in combination with chemtrails produces this synergistic effect.

All this begs the question: How did water fluoridation come about? And: Are there any more connections between chemtrails and fluoride? The answers to these questions are found, once again, in the original Manhattan Project.

Fluoride and the original Manhattan Project

The production of the world’s first atomic bombs (the Manhattan Project) required massive amounts of fluorine. Do you see where this is going? One of the methods of refining the necessary uranium was known as the “gaseous diffusion” method. Using this method, hundreds of tons of fluorine were required for the production of one atomic bomb. Bryson writes:

“Manhattan Project scientists were planning to use a ‘gaseous diffusion’ technology to refine uranium. In that process uranium is mixed with elemental fluorine, forming a volatile gas called uranium hexafluoride, which is then ‘enriched’ by diffusing that gas through a fine barrier, or membrane. The lighter molecules containing fissionable uranium needed for a nuclear explosion pass through the membrane more quickly and are captured on the other side. But because only a handful of the lighter molecules make it through the membrane each time, many hundreds of tons of fluorine, and thousands of stages of progressive enrichment, would be needed to produce enough uranium for a single atomic bomb.”

Fluoride was a toxic waste byproduct of this process. But the question about what to do with all this toxic waste was not the only issue.

The workers at the atomic bomb plants where the gaseous diffusion method was practiced were falling ill and dying due to fluoride poisoning. There were some legal challenges during the war relating to workers’ exposure to fluoride, but a temporary fix for this potentially massive legal liability was found in 1946 when testing responsibilities were transferred from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the Army’s Chemical Warfare Service. Once that transfer occurred, the problem seemed to magically disappear, but not really.

Compounding the issue, atomic bomb plant workers were not the only ones being harmed by fluoride exposure. Not only were workers inside the factories becoming sick and dying, but people living in communities near the factories were being poisoned too. This highlighted an even bigger problem: environmental fluoride pollution.

Fluoride is a toxic waste byproduct of not only the production of atomic bombs. Fluoride gasses are produced during the production of: petroleum, bricks, leather, steel, glass, and plastics. And being that fluoride is a constituent of coal fly ash, American citizens have historically inhaled fluoride from the emissions of nearby steel and aluminum plants as well as those from coal-fired power plants. The workers inside these factories have been most severely affected.

After the war, the Manhattan Project morphed into the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the AEC went about greatly expanding America’s atomic bomb production programs. This was the Cold War, after all. This expansion produced exponentially more fluoride toxic waste from the production of atomic bombs. And let’s not forget the fissile material needed for the nascent nuclear power industry. All this added up to fluoride pollution becoming, as Bryson writes, “The biggest single legal worry facing the atomic bomb program following WWII.”

In consideration of all the resultant lawsuits, Bryson writes, “Fluoride has been the nation’s most damaging air pollutant, and almost certainly its most expensive.” But don’t expect the feds to help. In 1957, after a court ruled in favor of people harmed by fluoride emissions, the federal government abruptly stopped monitoring ambient fluoride.

Enter water fluoridation
Funded by the large corporations that stood the most to gain, it was the Mellon Institute that, in the mid to late 1930s, began the promotion of fluoridated drinking water. Corporations like Monsanto, U.S. Steel, Alcoa and DuPont funded scientific studies at the Mellon Institute that served to legitimize and promote the idea. The Mellon Institute and their funders continued their promotions of water fluoridation up to and all throughout WWII. In his book and in published articles, your author has already established some interesting connections between Monsanto and DuPont and the spraying of chemtrails.

As America emerged from WWII, advocates for water fluoridation gained a leader in the person of Dr. Harold Hodge (1904-1990). Dr. Hodge was a professor at the University of Rochester, NY and the former chief toxicologist of the original Manhattan Project. Concurrently, the University of Rochester became the hub for drinking water fluoridation in America and the world. Hodge went on to train a generation of dental school deans in the 1950s and 1960s who unanimously advocated for the practice.

Dr. Hodge was well aware of the extreme toxicity of fluoride. During the war, Hodge had investigated the fluoride poisoning of atomic bomb factory workers as well as the poisoning of people living nearby. But did Hodge inform people about such things? No he didn’t. To the contrary, he hid this information from his colleagues. So much for the scientific method.

Hodge and the University of Rochester were backed by many of the same corporations behind the pioneering work on water fluoridation done earlier at the Mellon Institute. Before the war, Hodge was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Evidence in the author’s book strongly correlates the Rockefeller Foundation with the spraying of chemtrails.

Consistent with his work in fluoride, there are other examples of Hodge exhibiting extremely low ethical standards. Hodge helped choreograph wartime experiments in which hospital patients were injected with plutonium and uranium without their knowledge or consent. Hodge also participated in a series of post-war experiments involving the injection of uranium and plutonium into unsuspecting and uninformed patients. In 1969 Hodge became professor emeritus at the UCSF Medical School.

Hodge and Rochester’s work served to inoculate their funders from legal liabilities. As Hodge, Rochester and the corporations that funded them caused water fluoridation to become an accepted practice, this served to provide legal cover against lawsuits claiming that people had been poisoned by fluoride. How could it be bad for you (the reasoning goes) if the government is putting it in the water? The support of state and local governments for water fluoridation conveniently lessened any and all legal liabilities for the big fluoride producers. Now we know the real story of how fluoride came to be in our drinking water.

Bryson writes,

“Medical professionals critical of fluoride were regularly mauled in the press, while doctors and dentists were expelled from their professional organizations for antifluoride heresy.” The ‘Father of Public Relations’ Edward Bernays (1891-1995) promoted water fluoridation. Bryson continues, “While millions of … taxpayer dollars were spent promoting fluoridation, little money was given to study the potentially harmful effects from fluoride.”

So now we are aware of two examples of big industry deceitfully sluffing their toxic waste off onto the general population and apparently getting paid to do so. Big Science (which began with the original Manhattan Project) is behind both of them. Beyond these connections between chemtrails and fluoride, we are seeing a larger pattern of behavior. We see large corporations, with the help of Big Science (mad science) and government, acting in a highly irresponsible and, in fact, psychopathic manner. This unholy trinity is wrecking us and our world. If it is allowed to continue, the future will be very dark indeed.



Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project a book by Peter A. Kirby, self-published 2020

The Fluoride Deception a book by Christopher Bryson, published by Seven Stories Press 2004

The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics that Keep It There a book by Paul Connett, James Beck and H.S. Micklem, published by Chelsea Green Publishing 2010


Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, author, and activist. His book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project is available now exclusively at Amazon. Join his email list at his website


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