Children and the Lost Age of Innocence; Sexualizing the Young; Too Many Crimes to Count

Children and the Lost Age of Innocence; Sexualizing the Young; Too Many Crimes to Count

by Jon Rappoport
July 17, 2023


And too many pedophiles to count.

I first became aware of “different children” when I met kids from the next town over: Scarsdale, circa 1948.

A few of them were smug. I wondered why.

I figured out it was because they owned things. Expensive clothes, jewelry, etc.

I’m talking about 10-year olds.

It was the vague beginning of my understanding of children as consumers.

And of course, over time, I saw the consumer culture itself rise to new heights. Children became a key market, a key demographic.

Children “needed products.”

But not just kiddie items. Children could be turned into little adults. Talking about makeup, matching outfits, expensive shoes.

And eventually, schools started teaching children about sex.

Innocence? No good. No money in it. Nothing to sell. How are you going to sell walking down a road on a spring afternoon and feeling alive with all the time in the world?

You’re nine, ten.

Sex? What?

So innocence had to be buried.

In 1948, my pals and I only needed one bat, an old softball, a few cheap gloves, and a field, and we could play all day.

No money in it.

Teaching sex in schools was a Progressive idea. Let kids know how babies were made and born, because their parents were too embarrassed to explain it.

Later, teaching sex meant teaching about the act of sex.

And now…you know where it’s gone. Chemicals, sex hormones, surgery. Surgery that destroys sex.

“We’re coming after your children.”

Make children into sexual fetish objects, then push them off a cliff.

But first, much earlier in history, make them consumers. Eliminating their innocence.

Allowing every horror that follows.

If, in 1948, teachers had approached us with notions of gender fluidity, we would have known they were insane. We would have told our parents, who would have stormed the school and raised holy hell. No school board could have turned back their fury. (And no US Attorney General would have dared suggest our parents were domestic terrorists, unless he wanted to be thrown out on the street, alone, denied by his own family, or put in a psych ward.)

Innocence. Trees coming back to life in April. Flowers. Kids running. Running everywhere. Not a product. Not a thing to be exchanged for money.

Now, sex teachers. Sex killers.

And people changing their sex:

“The bravest people and the greatest Americans” Joe Biden knows.

He has the backup of the medical industrial complex. Selling sex change is money. A booming market. Surgeons are on stand-by, ready to cut and paste genitals, faces, shoulders, legs to specifications.

Plant a polished steel tree in concrete, in our nation’s capital. The branches are sex-change, drugs and hormones and surgery, sexualized children, pedophiles.

They merge and form a diabolical business worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

A voice whispers to men and women in offices all over the world: “You can market ANYTHING.”

Pedophiles in boardrooms, schools, churches, and government councils are counting on that marketing to keep people’s Eyes Wide Shut.

— Jon Rappoport


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